Kali Yuga

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It’s her job to “bring you to your knees” sort of speak. If you're over-identified with career, money, relationships, physical body, beliefs…she'll do what it takes to destroy that which you hold dear. Not because she wishes to destroy you. Quite the opposite. She loves you ...


Frustration – Nothing is Going Right!

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When it feels as if the world is no longer on our side, we are more willing to jump in to the unknown. If frustration is your close companion and it feels like the world is no longer on your side, have faith! Trust the jump will land you in the best possible place for you.


Why are my Emotions Overwhelming?

By |2024-03-29T14:02:16-04:0001/14/2015|Symptoms Of Evolution Series|

Emotions serve as our teacher. If we are unhappy, that will be felt more sharply than in the past. If we are happy, that emotion will be also felt in a bigger way. Eventually, the contrast will be so great, we will choose the good feeling emotion over the uncomfortable one. Our survival depends on learning the lesson.

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