Evolution Symptom Series – Frustration – Nothing is Going Right!

It CAN feel as if the world is no longer on your side.

Have you ever been dumped? I have. It really hurt. He was my first real love and we were together for 3 years. I was 21 years old. My Dad was in the hospital recovering from a massive stroke, I was finishing the last year of an undergrad degree, (amidst a lot of stress) and I had contracted mononucleosis. Brett let me down easy and was a real sweetie, but the pain of the breakup was unreal. Frustration followed me that spring and summer everywhere I turned. It felt as if the world was against me…BIG TIME!

Could anything else possibly go wrong?

That was 30 years ago and a lot has gone wrong since then, but a lot more has gone right! Brett wasn’t the person I needed to share this life experience with. Eventually, I came to understand that. I chose to help out at home and didn’t return to school to pursue the PhD I thought I wanted. In retrospect, that was also the right choice. Upheaval and frustration are a sign of impending growth. It doesn’t feel particularly good at the time, but it usually means brighter times are ahead.

Since 1989, I have sensed that human-kind was standing on a precipice. We were about to jump in to the unknown and we would grow wings on the way down. The question…who in their right mind would jump off a cliff without a parachute? No one! That’s why we will need to be pushed so we take that leap. When it feels as if the world is no longer on our side, we are more willing to jump in to the unknown. If frustration is your close companion and it feels like the world is no longer on your side, have faith! Trust the  jump will land you in the best possible place for you.

What’s forcing you to take that leap?

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