Evolution Symptom Series – Emotions are sharper

Emotions…both positive and negative are sharper.

We are energy-in-motion, or e-motion. As a visionary, I can intuit that the evolution mankind is in the midst of has to do with managing our emotions. When we learn to take sole responsibility for how we react to stimulus in our lives, we will begin to create from the highest level. How will we learn? By trial and error. When we no longer like the way we are feeling in a situation, we will do what it takes to make a change. Sometimes it will hurt….like touching a hot stove kind of hurt!

Emotions serve as our teacher. If we are unhappy, that will be felt more sharply than in the past. If we are happy, that emotion will be also felt in a bigger way. Eventually, the contrast will be so great, we will choose the good feeling emotion over the uncomfortable one. Our survival depends on learning the lesson.

This will birth a more empathic human. Empathy happens when we can put ourselves in another’s shoes and imagine what it would be like to have their experience. The more empathic we become, the less likely it is we could ever make a choice to bring another discomfort. We will begin to feel what they feel. We will expand our understanding that we are all indeed ONE!

At the end of the documentary series ‘Cosmos’, there is a picture of Earth taken from a satellite orbiting the outer edge of our solar system. Our planet is a tiny pin prick of light in amongst billions of other pin pricks of light. We are vulnerable and we need one another. How absurd that we could give another the finger in traffic or hold a grudge for some long ago perceived injustice. It’s time for evolution on our incredibly beautiful planet. Our survival depends on it.

Our emotions are our greatest teachers.

Take Care,

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