Evolution Symptoms Series – What is Love?

There is increased friction in relationships.

This time of radical evolution we find ourselves in is ultimately about self-love.

As we become better at loving the self, we may begin to question

  • The choices we made in relationships
  • Whether society, parents, pregnancy, dogma or other outside forces influenced our relationship choices?
  • If we are still happy with our choices

These questions can cause friction in the self and in those we are in relationship with.

If we look at this from an energetic perspective…as we begin to increase our level of self love, we will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency. If those we are in relationship with are not on the same evolution trajectory or path, we may begin to vibrate at different rates. You will no longer be on the same wavelength as your partner, kids, co-workers etc. That doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is coming to an end. It can however mean increased friction in your relationships. This is Law of Attraction at work.

Learn to connect with the self. Meditate, journal and see this important time of self-knowledge as the soul whispering to you. Living a life true to who you are will involve change; it can be no other way. Take strength in the knowledge you’re strong enough to live a life in resonance with your true being…or you wouldn’t be having this increased level of friction.

We are birthing a new kind of love. It is a love centred-in-self.

“This new way of relating means we will do what is best for us, but our actions will stem from a healthy way of being centred in self. Responsible self development translates into healthy self love which translates into love for others and love in our relationships. There can be no purposeful hurtful behaviour stemming from our actions when we are centred-in-self.” 

You can read the rest of the blog post (Relationships are hard. 5 ways to find and keep love)  here.

Until next time…Take Care,

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