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Honesty and Peace

Honesty and Peace I did something few do. I chose honesty in a situation where most would stew, gossip with others, and engage in what is known in psychology circles as ‘passive aggressive’ behaviour. What did I do? I broke up with my friend, and I told her. Yes, I could have just pretended I didn’t see her texts. I could have just waited until time and the art of ignoring did the talking [...]

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Get Behind Me Satan

Fear of Satan - a.k.a. the devil in red is nothing to fear ... really! Did you go to church as a child? If so, you’ll get this. I’m a cradle Catholic who is grateful for the years I spent with the Church. My wonderful parents gave me a tangible way to connect with and nurture my spiritual side. But you know what they say … God has no grandchildren. We each need to find our own way to connect [...]

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New Moon in the Sign of the Priestess

Are you ready to seed something new? It’s time   At 12:41 a.m. EDT on September 20, 2017 the moon is conjunct the sun at 27 degrees Virgo. This is another way of saying the moon is new. She sits in front of the sun and blocks its rays so our night sky is dark. As the sun illuminates the dark side of the moon, the side we can’t see from the vantage point of Earth, we too are asked [...]

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Episode 1 – Empath and Narcissist

Welcome to the first Empath and Narcissist podcast. Empaths and narcissists exist on opposite ends of the compassion spectrum. They attract one another like a moth to the flame. Learn the traits of each. Determine if you are an empath and how to spot a narcissist before they become a destructive part of your life.

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High Level Planning With a Little ‘Be’ Time

Do you think anyone ever begins anything with a clear direction or end in mind? Planning takes time and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 6 years ago I began with a new direction for my business and my life. As the years passed and I grew my body of work (writing, creating programs, and blogging), it was becoming harder and harder to ‘see’ the direction amidst the meandering flow of creation. I needed an overall review [...]

High Level Planning With a Little ‘Be’ Time 2017-02-05T07:45:20+00:00

Use the Moon to Light the Way

We are energetic beings and we are in a stage of unprecedented evolution. The vehicle for that conscious evolution is the electromagnetic waves bathing our planet.

Use the Moon to Light the Way 2017-01-02T15:06:18+00:00
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