Who is Paula Boylan

I’m a mystic and a teacher. I’m ‘shown’ a concept and then map that to an experience and find a way to teach what I intuit.

Each of us plays a starring role in our own story. I’ve developed a novel way to work with the script so we can each bring out the best our character has to offer. Imagine what you could do with your story if you had this kind of information.

Read on to see what the process looks like by peering in to the character of Paula.

Bio of Paula Boylan using primary planetary influences and corresponding chakras

Bio Stack and Know the Self

So many people don’t know who they are or what their true life calling is. This modular way of presenting a bio uses ancient concepts to ‘stack’ aspects of the self; making the complex task of character development easier to bring in to play. Imagine what your biography would look like if done this way; you could super charge your spiritual awakening by uncovering the Story U Live over time in bite size pieces.

Every human has both a receptive (yin) and an active (yang) side. The receptive is internal and hidden from the world while the active is the person you show to the outer world. Core life themes can be revealed by working with various ancient and abstract symbols and ideas.

Sun (vitality) and Moon (feeling) placement give a lot of great information about a persons life theme. Mine is all about bringing structure and light to that which is hidden while finding a way to communicate that knowledge and bring it to light. The I AM chakra and the I Speak chakra give me clues on where karmic wounds might hinder the expression of the energy.

INFJ at Play

Personality Typology adds another layer of self knowledge to the Bio and shows how a personality processes information.

I type out as an INFJ and do best when there’s lots of alone time to access intuitive knowledge (Introverted Intuition) while giving my sun (vitality) yin time to recharge. The F in the INFJ refers to extroverted feeling and shows itself in the placement of the moon (feeling). See it over there floating around the active side of the circle when it should be tucked up in the night sky; instead it’s busy processing everyone else’s emotions.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, this is a difficult way to process energy. It’s as if INFJ has its wires crossed with our light in the dark and our dark in the light. It helps to know that my soul was in on the planning of the life so there must be a reason for this.

Adding INF components to Bio of Paula Boylan using primary planetary influences and corresponding chakras
Birth and Planetary Card from Order of the Magi Bio for Paula Boylan

The Cards of Life

The Order of the Magi card system is uncanny in its ability to uncover important hidden information in the quest to know the self. The third layer of my bio deals with the Destiny card and the planetary card.

My Destiny or Birth card is Ace of Spades and is the most spiritual card in the deck. Ace of Spades personalities  experience life and themselves through work, health, death and dying, wisdom and spirituality. All these experiences I know well and must ask my spirit for guidance at every turn.

The planetary card is 9 of Spades and adds nuance to the birth card experience.  9 signifies endings of a theme so there’s an important aspect of my personality that must be allowed to end so I can rebirth a new way of being.  Knowing the self gives me the information I need to fulfill my soul plan this lifetime and could offer you the same direction in your life.

Bio at a Glance

I’d like you to meet my wizard buddy. At a glance, he allows me to see my ‘story’ so I can use both strengths and opportunities for growth in the best way. Since I’m aware of the Ace of Spades and the 9 of Spades as well as the INFJ component, Wizard works his magic to keep it all front and centre in my consciousness.

The script you incarnate with isn’t written by chance. You’re an energetic being in an energetic Universe and many things are taken in to account before your birth. These include life destiny, gifts you incarnate with, supporting characters for your story, planetary positions and alignments, mathematical influences such as numerology, and chakras which attenuate energy and help you work through wounds and process energy well.

Hopefully seeing my biography in this way has given you a new way to think about how you can uncover the script for the Story U Live.

Bio of Paula Boylan using astrology glyphs, chakra and wizard with crystal ball.


The Interior Quest

  • INFJ – Myer’s Briggs Personality Profile
  • Ace of Spades Birth Card, 9 of Spades Planetary Ruling Card – Order of the Magi
  • 1st house Aquarius Sun Conjunct Saturn; T square with Sun/Saturn, Neptune and Mars
  • A degree in Psychology
  • Years of Counseling and Coaching experience
  • Certification in Coaching for Positive Behaviours
  • Certified in Personality Assessment
  • 15+ years as an Astrologer
  • 30 year Daily Meditation and Yoga practice
  • Registered Indian Head Massage Practitioner
  • Workshop development and facilitation
  • Many grateful, successful clients
  • Most importantly – I’ve traveled the path of spiritual awakening. I’m still learning but can map out a way for you to join me where I am.

“Where there is darkness, let there be light. Where there is sadness, let there be joy. Where there is ignorance, let there be truth. Where there is hate and anger, let there be love.”

St. Frances of Assisi

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