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Bio … Who is Paula Boylan?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I entered this world wanting to be three things when I grew up.

A Brain Surgeon, an Interior Designer and a Nun.

  1. Childhood clumsiness had my mother lovingly suggest I may drop the brain during surgery
  2. My father said he wanted his little girl to grow up to be ‘normal’ when I said I wanted to join a Convent
  3. And Interior Design wasn’t a University Course. Growing up, it was taken as a ‘done deal’ that my sisters and I would attend University.

Typical right? How many of us ignore our own calling and instead do what others think is best for us in life?

That government job I landed right out of University as a Career Counselor could have been my ticket. Only thing is…I didn’t like it. Yea, it had security and a pension and benefits and good pay, but it wasn’t my life’s calling. Career is what many of us do to make money. A calling lives inside of us and we need to find a way to live our truth and monetize it.

Life has a funny delivery system.

  1. I went to University and obtained a Business Psychology degree (Brain).
  2. As a young adult, I found myself living in Europe and obtained an Interior Design diploma amidst amazing awe inspiring designs.
  3. I have nurtured a life long love of connecting with the intuitive realms (Nun) and grounding the information I receive in the real world through Astrology.

My childhood inklings were ‘spot on’.

As an entrepreneur who has built 2 successful businesses (Interior Design and Intuitive Business/Evolution Coach), I have found a way to utilize my gifts, follow my life’s calling and monetize it. I’m here to help you do the same!

Paula received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Business from Wilfrid Laurier University and has practiced coaching for over 20 years in both the government and private sectors. She is a certified Personality Dimensions Practitioner and has been trained in Behaviour Modification and Coaching for Positive Behaviours. She has run a successful ‘bricks and mortar’ Interior Design business and in 2011 began development for a Coaching Business amidst the requirements of this fast moving information age. Marketing, building a Web Presence, Blogging, Video Creation and Podcasting are skills she has mastered. When you add this to her years of Counseling Case Training and Program Development, you have a solid guide to help you realize your dreams in these fast moving times. Paula draws from a combination of science and spirit in her work and has helped many personal clients on their journey of evolution (business and personal) in both private and group settings. She was born in France while her father was serving overseas in the Canadian Air Force. She has made her home in both Canada and Europe. Paula currently resides in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario, Canada

“One person who knows the way of the Samurai was of more value than a hundred who had merely studied the way.” ~ author unknown

Nicole Marie Whitney has interviewed some of the top names in the Conscious Evolution Field. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss, Joe Vitale, David Morehouse…and so many more.

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