Evolution Symptom Series – Contrast

The contrast of a black and white photo speaks louder than the harmony of a rainbow.<

A blank canvas gives us little if any information. One black line drawn on that pure white canvas introduces depth and character. All of a sudden there is meaning as a result of the contrast. Most of us dream of a life of “happily ever after”; but isn’t that like a blank canvas? Devoid of depth, character and meaning. Love and life need the black lines.

Rainbows are beautiful. They form when the light from the sun meets a raindrop. Part of that light is reflected, but part of it enters the rain drop where the light-wave changes direction (refraction) or bends as a result of coming into contact with the droplet. Reflection and refraction happens once again as the light wave bounces off the back of the raindrop and exits. We are also changed by the people whose lives we enter. A portion of ‘who we are’ is reflected immediately. If we are truly lucky, our experience with them is deep enough that we are forever transformed as we exit and our life reflects it.

In every life, a little rain must fall. Without the rain, we would not experience the rainbow. In every life we need the contrast of black and white. Most of us would prefer the gentle easy reflection of a rainbow, but the sharp moments which define the photos of our lives are the ones we will draw upon as we draw our last breath.

Our world is changing. It’s called EVOLution and it’s based on LOVE. Not the fairy tale kind of happily ever after love, but the character filled canvas where black and white depict a full life of learning, wisdom and deep joy. There is pain and there is happiness. There are times of light and there are times of darkness. It is bitter-sweet, full and filled with contrast.

Until next time…Take Care,


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