Solutions are found to problems when conscious evolution is put in to practice.

Why Care About Conscious Awakening / Evolution?

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Solutions are found to problems when conscious evolution is put in to practice.

Why Care About Conscious Awakening / Evolution?

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Conscious Evolution

On top of the bills to be paid, the relationships to be nurtured, the career which needs tending…who has time to think about Conscious Awakening? Making time may the best thing you ever do in life! Understanding the process of Conscious Awakening, aka Conscious Evolution can save you time, heartache, divorce, health issues, money problems and any other life crisis we humans are so good at becoming embroiled in.

Every single one of us is in a state of on-going Conscious Evolution and we are becoming more aware of this process of evolution en masse. It’s the reason movies such as Avatar, The Matrix, and Interstellar have garnered so much interest. There is a deep knowing that we are more than the flesh and blood human suit we wear.

After 30 years of research, I’m finally prepared to answer the question “What is Conscious Awakening” in a way that makes sense on this earthly plane and in our everyday lives. It will however require you to take your rational brain out of the driver’s seat, and give it a nice comfy place to ride shot gun! Time to allow your inner knowing (intuition) to take charge.

We are all energetic beings. Everything is energy and we are no different from the trees, planets, thunderstorms, waves or mountain ranges which decay, change shape, transform, are born anew and then decay once more. Energy is never created or destroyed, it just changes form. From sub-atomic particles to gas to liquid to solid and then back to sub-atomic particles once more…all retain the essence of the original.

Human beings contain an element of consciousness which we are conscious of.

  • I think; therefore I AM
  • I breathe; therefore I Am
  • I feel; therefore I Am
  • I dream; therefore I Am….and so on!

At some point, that human vessel decays to the point of earthly death and changes form. Like a car without a driver, the vehicle decays and the driver or consciousness leaves the human vessel and the earthly plane. (I can intuit where consciousness goes at that point, but that is beyond the scope of this article.)

Most of the world’s inhabitants and religions believe in reincarnation; the ability for consciousness to inhabit a human body over and over again. (Remind you of Groundhog day?) If we turn to ancient wisdom teachings, ancient religious texts, evolutionary astrology, archetypal psychology, and the wisdom brought down by ‘clear’ channels…we get a sense of how the process of reincarnation works.

Your soul (aka consciousness) will have hundreds of earthly adventures in which different cultures, values, and beliefs systems are experienced. This is so your Soul is able to awaken step-by-step until you have evolved into a fully conscious & awakened ‘Earth being’. These earthly involvements allow you to learn to manage your e-motions or ‘energy-in-motion’ while immersed in a difficult reality of duality with other souls who are all at different stages of Conscious Awakening.

Just as the human being evolves from a baby to a toddler to someone in kindergarten….all the way up to the person who chooses to obtain a doctorate…the soul learns and advances along the same lines. Conscious Awakening is not just a destination, it is a journey!

There is conscious awakening occurring throughout all the stages of the soul’s evolutionary development. Evolutionary Astrology provides a clear way for the understanding of this process. There are 12 houses in Astrology depicting the 12 Constellations in the sky. (The 12 tribes anyone?…just surmising!) Each house represents a theme in our development.

An example…Perhaps I am someone at the grade 1 level of soul development and I would like to advance my souls conscious awakening by working with the theme of possessions (2nd House, energized by the constellation Taurus and the planet Venus). I may spend many lifetimes perfecting my understanding of possessions at this very early stage of soul development.  I will visit this same house again in future lifetimes when my soul would like to learn about the ‘right’ use of possessions while in a more consciously awakened state.

Around and around we go, spiralling ever higher in soul development while experiencing  soul advancement through understanding in all areas of life. This conscious awakening occurs at each stage of soul evolution, whether we are working with energies which are physical (ego-centric) or metaphysical (transpersonal). Here is a list of the houses or experiences all souls learn to master on the road of Conscious Awakening.

  • Self
  • Possessions
  • Communication
  • Home
  • Creativity
  • Service
  • Partnership
  • Death and Transformation
  • Mental Exploration
  • Career
  • House of Hopes
  • Self-Undoing

Each stage is perfect for your soul’s development at any given time. If you have chosen a lifetime where you would like expanded growth because you are ready to awaken to a new level of soul understanding, you may experience a lot of chaos and crisis in that particular lifetime.

If we look to the previous example of ‘possessions’ for clarity, you may have difficulty holding on to physical possessions and may lose what you worked for, or not be able to amass anything of great physical value in your lifetime. If this is the case, you may be learning that material abundance does not equal happiness, and there is more to life than possessions. These soul lessons can be difficult and it can be hard to understand the underlying current in your life when you are immersed in the experience. It’s the “Can’t see the forest for the trees” analogy!

Conscious Awakening is a continuous process all of us experience. As the Age of Aquarius dawns, so does our soul’s need for heightened spiritual growth. As a result, many are feeling the effects of this as individual lives experience an acceleration of chaos and crises. (Otherwise known as growing pains!) If you are having difficulty finding solutions to relationship, career, financial and health problems using traditional tools, perhaps it is your soul conveying its need for evolution or growth.