Making Sense of End Times

Published On: 12/21/2012Categories: AwakeningTags: , , , ,

Making Sense of End Times

Published On: 12/21/2012Categories: AwakeningTags: , , , ,

Are These Really End Times?

Even if you do feel like the lone pig in a pasture full of cows, I would suggest it is preferable to being one of the “Sheeples” on the planet. The flock has been led astray and many of us are hearing the call.  Live this life true to the call of your heart. Even if it means standing out.

Could we really be living through end times? Could that explain why we are feeling a little off right now?  I know, I know…that notion sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  As I look out my window, everything looks pretty much the same.  There isn’t any flooding or looting in the streets. It doesn’t look like the Armageddon type end times in the book of Revelations.

What I do see is a blue sky and winter birds playing in the branches of the maple outside my office window.  What I see is happiness. What I feel inside is a little trepidation. This energy feels like a duck floating on a serene pond.  The feet (metaphor for inner self) feel like they are paddling to beat the band, but outwardly things are the same.  Perhaps these end times, which the Mayans predicted, are actually just the end of a life which doesn’t serve us and the beginning of a more heart centred existence!

If it feels like a tornado sweeping in to clear out old, stale energy which doesn’t serve you any more, that’s actually a really good thing. Humans are stubborn and we need the big shake up!  We would rather cling to the tried and true than embrace change…even if that change would make for a better existence.  Many of us will be taken kicking and screaming in to these new times, holding on to ideas which no longer match the energies of this new “reality”.  Take it from someone who has “been there and done that”, it’s better to just surrender.  Learn to find that still point within and trust that all is well. We must live through these end times in order to release what doesn’t work and make way for new and better. This is what evolution looks like. We are evolving in to more heart centred beings and will have to live through “end times” to make room for that new and better.

The biggest lesson from this–and many of us will have to learn this the hard way…is that no one is a victim. Trust that if you have discomfort in your life, it is an opportunity.  When we blame others for our situation, we waste precious time and resources waiting for someone else to change our lives.  Can’t be done!  This is your life; if you don’t like an aspect of your life, do what needs to be done in order to change your circumstances.

“Be the Change you want to see in this World.” Gandhi

This is a time of celebration.  We have made it through “end times” and mankind has turned the corner.  Unity consciousness has won.  Now begins the real work.

  • Find some sort of practice which allows you to connect to your core.
  • Find who you really are and what would fill your life with joy.
  • Begin living your life and not the life dictated to you by outside sources.
  • “Be the change you want to see” and help write the first chapter for these new times.
  • Use the tools on this site as a way to help you move forward.

There is a new energy sweeping in to replace the old. Try not to worry, there is great support for this evolution, for this enlightened way of existence.

For those of you seeing 11:11 everywhere, these numbers have numerological significance.  The following is taken from 11:11 magazine.

“11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger of remembrance on a cellular level. The activation of this begins at birth allowing the ability to connect, grow, avail wisdom and acquire discernment. This encoded trigger refers to the completion of duality. Here lies the direct channel between the ‘being’ and the ‘invisible’. At this place, one can pierce the veil of illusion that is binding to an unreal world. In moving beyond these veils, the Source of true power and the ability to co-create consciously with the Universe unfolds. Individuals experience a greater reality where vision becomes broader, life more expansive and the journey more meaningful”

Take Care, Paula