Why It’s Difficult to make Lasting Work, Relationship, Money and Health  Changes

Why is it so difficult to make lasting change in our lives? We’ll get to that, but what I really want to know is….
How are you?

  • How’s work? Are you able to use your innate abilities so you feel fulfilled and valued?
  • How are your relationships? Are they honest, safe and do they feed your soul?
  • How’s your financial life? Are you abundant?
  • How’s your health? Do you make the best choices in how you care for your physical vessel?

Before we look at ways to ‘fix’ what you think is broken, pretend for a moment that everything in your life is perfect. What would your life look like? Would you be happy or would you find something else to strive for?

We are spirits having a human experience. We’ve had many incarnations and we’ll have many more. Each ‘kick at the can’ gives you an opportunity to choose what you will experience and how you’ll interpret that experience. As soon as you’ve accomplished what you came here to do, you’re ready for the next experience. That’s how it should be.

This understanding allows you to breathe a little easier. You can’t get this life wrong, and you always get another chance! All is good and you are perfect just the way you are! As a matter of fact, You Are Awesome :)

Having said that, let’s assume that you would like to have a different experience than the one you’re having right now. It’s not as easy as wishing it were so. We live on earth, a place where energy is densely packed and change happens at a slow rate. It takes a lot longer to change the direction of an ocean liner than it does a wave. The wave is made up of loosely packed hydrogen and oxygen atoms while the ocean liner is made of densely packed atoms which compose the various types of metal involved. We’re somewhere between those 2 compositions. Easier to mould than metal but not as easy as water.

If you aren’t happy with aspects of your life, let’s alter your experience. Let’s do what it takes to change the course. Adopting healthier or different ways of experiencing on this planet is often a painful thing to accomplish! Here’s an example many can relate to.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Smoking is hard to give up. Smoking helps with anxiety, gives you something to do with your hands, the chemical components feel good, and it’s a social activity. Add to this, smoking is a very addictive behaviour and some will say is harder to kick than narcotics.

It took me 5 unsuccessful attempts before being able to give up smoking. It wasn’t until I realized that I could only quit if my reason for quitting was BIG and all mine! When you want to enact transformational change in your lives, you’ll need to harness more than willpower, and the first ingredient in the recipe for success is to dig deep and know YOUR WHY

Finding your WHY is just the first petal. Take a look at the picture of the flower at the top of the post.  Real change happens over time and in increments. It’s like the petals on a daisy. You spiral in a circular fashion getting closer to the centre or the core as you progress. When you think you have it figured out, it will be time to dig deeper and look at the next level.

Petals in the flower of change.

Ask yourself

  • What your beliefs are around the behaviour you’re trying to change
  • What drives your behaviour…things like personality, goals, the way you process information
  • How to release resistance so you can reach your goal
  • How to learn and implement new skills and behaviours. There’s a vacuum left and unless you fill that vacuum you will go back to your old ways of behaving.

It’s no wonder willpower falls short when we’re enacting the big changes in our lives. Using willpower alone is like trying to bake a cake with nothing but eggs.  Remember, wherever you find yourself now happened in increments over time. It takes a plan, time and commitment to ‘unstitch’ yourself from the choices you’ve made. Connect with your heart’s desire and your ‘why’ and all the rest will fall in to place.  You can rewrite the story u live, I have faith in you!