Symptom of Evolution – Loneliness

Being Lonely Alone is Preferable to Being Lonely in a Crowd

There is an aspect of this evolutionary process where spending time with yourself will become very important to you.

“The bitter and the sweet come from the outside, the hard from within, from one’s own efforts.” ~Einstein~

The answers you seek will no longer be available from anything or anyone outside of you. The hurts, disappointments, frustrations and heartache will come from your outward life experiences. The hard work comes from seeing those difficult experiences for the gifts they give to you. You will be called to make sense of it all so you can consciously evolve. That will require you to go within. And that is where you will finally meet and know the self.

I can’t think of anything harder than knowing the self  well enough that we are able to…

Accept responsibility for everything in our lives.

See that the outer is nothing more than a reflection of the inner.

Release pride and hubris so victim-hood becomes a thing of the past.

Conscious Evolution is a lonely journey and this is a rapidly evolving world we find ourselves in. Early man did not go from 4 legs to 2 en-masse. There were brave souls who stood on 2 legs and I am sure they felt like outcasts. I can also imagine it would be more painful and far lonelier for them to pretend they weren’t bi-pedal and go back to walking on all fours.

This evolution we find ourselves in requires one to go within and “know the self”. When we know who we really are, we will understand just how powerful we are. That’s when we will evolve in to fearless co-creators with this Energetic Universe. If you are one of the forerunners of this evolutionary shift, you are not alone. You will be called to go within, but you can find support for the journey here.

Until next time…Take Care,

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