Evolution Symptom – Originality

Standing Out is More Important then Fitting In!

You know when you were a kid and fear didn’t hold you back. You would paint a picture, create a play, sing a song and joyfully share your creation. It never dawned on you that it wasn’t amazing. Then something happened. Society began its indoctrination. It was time to leave the imaginations of childhood behind and learn how to fit in or become like everyone else…to become a good little sheeple. It wasn’t long before your creations weren’t valued unless they looked like everyone else’s creations.

Wasn’t life a lot more fun before they stuck you in the mould?

This evolution is about finding the courage to mould your own life experience. It’s calling you to “feel” in to the heart; the birthplace of true authentic creativity. Here is an excerpt from another blog on this site which elaborates on this concept:

“Begin to create as your heart whispers its intentions to you. Create a beautiful meal, a garden, a meaningful conversation. Begin where you are and grow in to the courage, wisdom and passion needed to live a life where you are utilizing the greatest gift of all. The gift to create a beautiful life in alignment with you…not the life dictated to you by the bank, media, society, parents, partner etc.”

Where to start? Journal, take some time to get to know you. Before you know it, that beautiful creative spirit of childhood will whisper to you. She/he will let you know who you were before your creative spark was extinguished. Today more that ever standing out is more important then fitting in. This world needs your originality, it needs your piece of the puzzle. Fitting in is getting us nowhere.

Until next time…Take Care,

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