Purple Haze

Use the Moon to Light the Way

Published On: 10/21/2016Categories: Awakening
Purple Haze

Use the Moon to Light the Way

Published On: 10/21/2016Categories: Awakening

The Moon governs waves, menstrual cycles and evolution.

figure meditating on the moon

to let the moon guide your path

We are energetic beings and we are in a stage of unprecedented evolution. The vehicle for that conscious evolution is the electromagnetic waves bathing our planet. They are also bathing each and every one of us. The waves arrive by way of planetary placement, solar system events, meteors, the energy of numbers, and by countless means we are not aware of yet. If you’re interested in more, here’s a link to a blog outlining the most important planetary alignment of our times.)

This last full moon (16-10-16) was brutal for many. A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are opposite one another in the sky above. The sun, which represents the self, is shining its light on the moon. The moon represents our e-motions, or energy-in-motion. Any stuck e-motion is illuminated by the sun’s rays.

Think of what happens when you move a rock in the garden. All the creepy crawlers scurry out. Instantly, you can see what was hidden from plain site, and it’s often ugly!

Last Saturday’s full moon allowed many to uncover some ‘ugly’ stuff. The moon was moving through Aries, represented by the Ram (head down, snorting, raring to go). Aries occupies the first house in the zodiac; known as the house of self. This constellation means business. Ruled by Mars, the God of War, she ain’t messing around.

If your current life isn’t in alignment with what your higher self intends for you, this can feel like a very uncomfortable time.

One of my clients spent this past Monday in bed, crying all day. Normally a real go-getter, the energies bathing the planet were forcing her to dig deep and release. Another client faced a truth and made the decision to take her business way more seriously. I finally got sick of hiding. I went in to a deep meditative state and came out with this …

figure meditating on the moon

When I breathe my last, my contributions will be remembered by a few for a short period of time. Life moves on quickly. Inhabitants change, times change. So …

  • Why do I care how I appear to others when my actions are really quite insignificant?

  • Why am I playing small?

  • Why am I hiding?

(These questions arose as a result of Pluto’s (planet of transformation) placement in the 12th house (house of undoing) in my chart. Pluto has stripped my life bare during her 14 years in this house. Thankfully, it has felt somewhat like a dream. As I emerge from the 12th house and enter the 1st (Aries.) I feel like a babe learning how to be in this world. Astrology is one of the tools I use to make sense of life. I use it with my clients to access hidden information and it has been a life saver during my journey of conscious evolution.)

I have learned that we are not here to amass the big house, big car, or big bank balance. We are here for soul growth. This became abundantly clear as I held my mother’s hand when she breathed her last. She didn’t talk about her house, her car, or holidays we shared. She talked about LOVE. As her body was shutting down, she repeated the following phrase over and over

“I love my girls, I love my girls”

In a few years, all who knew her will have passed as well. Her legacy of love will live on, as energy is never created or destroyed, but the memory of the woman will be gone.

I realized it’s time to speak my truth. Not to change the world or to change others, but to change the self. To shine; without fear. To ensure the energy I create is based in compassion, love and courage. Should my ramblings serve to change a perspective for another, so be it. That however is not the intention. There is no intention. There is only the allowance of self-expression.

Now that I have come out of hiding, perhaps others with something important to share will join me. By allowing your sun to shine, your moon to work its magic and the energies overhead to change you; you show others it’s OK to do the same. I have a feeling that hiding under all that stuck energy lies the creative solutions to solve our world’s problems.

What do you think? Ready to join me? You’ll have to come out of hiding first though.

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