Grand Cross Approaching


Grand Cross

Grand Cross

A Grand Cross is Approaching

I hope the lunar eclipse wasn’t too difficult for you to navigate…’cause you haven’t seen anything yet!

“As above…so below” takes on new meaning during times like this. The eclipse energies followed one of the largest Class x solar flares we have experienced, and is the precursor for the Cardinal Grand Cross alignment which will occur later this month. The last time the planets were aligned in this way was in the 1960’s, and defined that decade. (Thanks to UniversalLifeTools for the photo which depicts this astrological occurrence so well.)

It is my sense the Cardinal Grand Cross will finish what began in the 1960’s, the decade of peace, love and rock and roll. Revolution always precedes Evolution. Revolution doesn’t have to be violent. It is however, a radical change…an orbital shift around an axis.

This radical change will shift humanity from a primarily brain based logical thinker, to a human who is able to live life utilizing a balanced approach between head and heart. What does that mean for each of us? We will all be called to live an authentic life. That means we will only accept relationships which are loving, and careers which utilize our talents in the best way possible. We won’t be happy unless we are living an impeccable life which resonates with our deepest values.

As these energies of change continue to permeate the planet, you may begin to feel frustrated, stuck and uncomfortable. This is just your heart opening. Your heart is asking you to live an authentic life. Like a baby learning to walk, you will want to stand and take those first wobbly steps in to a life which is calling out to you. Expect to fall, to have a few bruises, and to take a few steps back before you are able to walk, and then run.

Be prepared, when the heart beckons…change is on the horizon.

I came to this planet with an understanding we were on the precipice of great change. Having heard the call of the heart over 25 years ago, it is my pleasure to share what has worked for me. Hopefully, it will lesson the time and energy expended as YOU also live in to a heart based life.

Living in to an authentic life is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but it is worth it! A good adage for these times…surrender, or get dragged! Surrender is ultimately the easier of the two :) Either way, when the heart beckons, there is no going back.

Stay strong in the knowledge you are participating in an epoch shift of the ages. Humanity is evolving and there will be fall out. The few at the top who have the most to lose as we begin to question their unfair practices, will try to fight back. However, the higher energies of love are already over shadowing the lower energy of fear. We are on our way.

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