Love Trumps Fear

Love Trumps Fear

Published On: 07/31/2014Categories: Awakening
Love Trumps Fear

Love Trumps Fear

Published On: 07/31/2014Categories: Awakening

Love Trumps Fear

Love Trumps Fear and Everyone Wins

I hope you’re all doing OK. We’re in the midst of major planetary alignments – AGAIN! Add to this, the world is nuts!!!!  Many are feeling anxious. Try to remember that love does trump fear and if we can stay in love, we will get through this.

Another thing that helps is awareness. It can help us understand why we are feeling anxious and un-empowered. Like many of you, this past weekend was a doozer for me. I got to deal with issues I thought were long ago dealt with~~wrong! Self love, self forgiveness, and compassion were required in the moment, and beyond. When the dust settled, I did some research and uncovered the reasons I was ‘clearing’ stuck negative energy.

We are gearing up for a “super moon” in Aquarius on August 10th.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of transformation and change for the collective. Uranus is on its final retrograde passage during its on-going square to Pluto, the planet of power. Get it? The most powerful moon of the year has its ruler station retrograde during its square to Pluto. Power and Change for the collective are ‘squaring off’ during a retrograde phase and we have an amazing opportunity during this auspicious full moon.

If we’re going to make this world a better place, it’s up to each one of us to wield power in the most responsible and effective way possible.

Einstein wrote

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’.

Each and every one of us allowed the world to get to the state it’s in. That sounds harsh, doesn’t it? However, if things are going to change, we must all take responsibility for enacting that change. We all put too much faith in the government, corporations and all manner of things outside of us, and now it’s time to have faith in ourselves.

Taking responsibility for the woes of this world means we can also take responsibility to fix what is broken. There are no victims on this planet. When we blame others, we forfeit the ability to fix what is broken, so let’s face facts

* we are here
* we don’t want to live in a world like this
* we each need to do what it takes to bring about change, and that means taking action

We can’t ‘fix’ others or this world until we ‘fix’ ourselves. Transformation is required on this planet; of that there is no doubt. Transformation will have to happen within each and every one of us before it can ever be reflected in the world at large. After all, we make up the world at large. How can we live on a peaceful planet when we don’t live with a peaceful heart, in a peaceful workplace or in a peaceful home? If we can’t live peacefully with those we love the most, how could we ever hope to have warring factions find  peace?

Here is an excerpt from a  blog post and may provide further perspective …

“if we weren’t feeling the pressure, we would be quite content to live with the status quo. You know the saying: “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

Eventually, we’ll feel so much discontent, we’ll be ready to face the devil…sort of speak. Change can be uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as staying stuck in a life choice which no longer fits who you are inside.”

The Age of Aquarius ushers in the age of Change, and Uranus is here to ensure we are up for the task.

Now for the change in thinking that will usher in a new way of being on this planet. You are perfect the way you are. Remembering that truth will help you stand in your power. You are a spiritual being having a very challenging human experience. If you can think of this like a game, you’re the underdog and it’s time to come from behind and win this thing. You’re up to the task, so learn all you can from each challenging experience and practice love, forgiveness and compassion (for yourself first). Then you will have it to give to others.

When we’re able to accept who we are in our totality and do that with love, we become very powerful. When we’re powerful and grounded in our hearts, it’s impossible to manipulate us and that scares the ‘powers’ that be. (You know, the 1% that own all the resources and tries to scare the 99% (that’s us) in to ensuring things will never change). Love trumps Fear and when we have enough self love, fear can’t exist. Without fear, there can be no manipulation and change on this planet is sure to occur.

If you’re having a tough go of things right now, there is a reason. We’re doing some major work! Please be ultra kind to you; this is a tough journey. My mantra when times are tough:

“This too shall pass”

Let’s just hope power has shifted and Love reigns supreme on the planet when this does pass.

Heart hugs to all of you…and keep faith.

Take Care, Paula

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