You are meant to Fly!

Evolution Beckons…You are Meant to Fly!

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You are meant to Fly!

Evolution Beckons…You are Meant to Fly!

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Evolution is the push. Happiness and Abundance are the end result!

Evolution can make us feel disoriented.

How many of you are feeling confused right now?

You’re in good company because so many of us are having these same feelings. There’s a sense something is bubbling just below the surface and it wants to be acknowledged. That inner turbulence feels uncomfortable. It’s a yearning for us to become something more than we have been, it’s a yearning for evolution.

You know the saying “show me someone who likes to lose and I’ll show you someone who loses a lot”. We will experience these uncomfortable feelings – a lot! We may not like them, but it helps to understand them for what they are. They’re an invitation to recognize something in life isn’t working, and that information is a good thing. It’s a beckoning towards growth. It’s a nudge from the Universe to “live YOUR life” to the fullest. It’s an invitation to fly!

Think of a caterpillar. This insect senses it can be something more and literally builds a protective barrier so it can change its very being and emerge a butterfly. This amazing insect understands that true evolution is an inner journey. When it’s ready to fly, it has to be squeezed out of its cocoon. These turbulent feelings you are having are the catalyst for your growth. You’re being asked to go within and uncover what needs to be transformed. When you’re ready, you will feel the pressure you need to feel so you can emerge and fly. Trust in the process! These feelings of discomfort serve a purpose. Eventually you will welcome them as they provide amazing information for your evolution which will usher in more happiness and abundance.

If you’ve ever seen pictures or time elapsed video of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, this concept becomes clear. The insect is changing its very nature and being squeezed out of its home because evolution beckons. It’s time to grow; it’s time to fly.

No one can do the work for the emerging butterfly; it’s a solitary journey. Her old home has become too small for her, but still serves a very important purpose for growth. It provides the pressure needed so the butterfly can have the strength to fly. The liquid in the body of the butterfly is squeezed in to the wings during the process and it’s that pressure which gives the butterfly the ability to soar, to become what she is meant to be.

I can imagine evolution is uncomfortable for the butterfly. Evolution is also uncomfortable for us. Just remember that if we weren’t feeling the pressure, we would be quite content to live with the status quo. You know the saying: “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Eventually, we’ll feel so much discontent, we’ll be ready to face the devil…sort of speak.;) Change can be uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as staying stuck in a life choice which no longer fits who you are inside.

Change or evolution doesn’t happen in a straight line. Sometimes we will take 2 steps up and one back, but that’s OK. Take comfort in the process. Don’t judge yourself or your journey. You are beautiful and amazing and you will succeed. The butterfly will spend quite a bit of time clinging to her old home. Then she’ll venture out to the leaf beside her cocoon. She is “testing the waters”. Eventually the wind picks up and threatens her hold on the perch. This is the exact process for change in our lives. We will cling to the old until we feel safe enough to venture out a little; to test the waters. Eventually, nature or something else will whip up the impetus to knock us from our perch and we will realize we can fly.

Scary…you bet! Evolution is also the greatest journey available to us. Trust in your ability to own your amazing power, in your ability to access your amazing strength so you can embrace challenges for the gifts they truly are. Evolution is beckoning all of us in these times. Just remember; You are remarkable!

You are meant to fly!

Know thyself! Happiness and abundance is the end product of this heart centred evolution.

Take Care, Paula