Intersecting Waves

Intersecting Waves of Truth

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Intersecting Waves

Intersecting Waves of Truth

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Truth is not that cut and dried!

Living in fear robs us of our power. In spite of what’s occurring around us, it is possible to release FEAR, or what I call False Evidence Appearing Real! It is possible to find that illusive happiness! When we understand what’s happening in our lives and in our world, it will be easier to go with the flow of change and release that fear so we can embrace what is truth for each of us.

We have all recently survived the end of the Mayan calendar. How can a calendar which kept perfect time for 26,000 years just end?  What comes after?  It’s my sense that recent times leading up to this “end time” have been a choice point.

Shall we continue with the status quo where war and greed and all that “icky stuff” prevail, or should we dig deep and access the courage and truth needed to commit to a better way?

I began to sense mankind was on the cusp of something major around the time of the Harmonic Convergence in the late 80’s. I can’t say I understood what I was feeling back then. I can say I was compelled to study physics, philosophy, and world religions in the hope there would be a thread of universal truth woven within all these subjects.

Intersecting waves of truth

I now believe science, spirituality, and common sense contain intersecting waves of truth. Where these three converge is where we will find what we need in order to commit to a better way of being on this planet.

There have been so many heart breaking events which have happened in the last 100 years: 2 World Wars, the development and use of Nuclear weapons, Vietnam, numerous other expensive and questionable armed conflicts and 2 financial collapses. We became a world of war. We became a world so dependent on an economic system which is unfair, unjust and unsustainable. We have come to the brink.

Our saving grace; the internet. This invention has connected humans in such an amazing way. The ruling few can no longer dictate to the masses without consensus. We now have access to the views and opinions of some very knowledgeable and thoughtful minds, and they aren’t in positions of power! More and more enlightened people are sharing their hopeful views. This food for thought is shifting the way we view our world. It’s bringing us closer to a universal truth and not just the “truth” spoken by the ruling few.

We now understand that everything in our world is made up of energy. Thoughts are energy and when a sizeable number of us begin thinking in a different way, we shift the energy on this planet. We create a new truth for ourselves. Everything is connected; physicists understand this. When thoughts shift, everything else must shift to align with this new energy. That is why we are experiencing what looks like chaos on planet Earth and in our individual lives. We must release what doesn’t resonate with these emerging energetic shifts.  We must make way for something better and that letting go can be uncomfortable.

Mother Earth (Gaia) is also shifting and we have seen an unprecedented number of earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Gaia is doing what we are all being called to do, shake up and release the old in order to make way for something new. Good will come from the changes in Gaia and good will come from the changes all of us are experiencing. But make no mistake; every aspect of our lives is in the process of transition!

Our financial systems are in the midst of a correction and reconstruction. This is a good thing because our system doesn’t work. A handful enjoy all the wealth while the majority make due with what little is left. As this correction occurs, try to release fear. It is the few at the top who have the most to lose as this truth surfaces and change is enacted.

Everything is up for change

. . . and it is being reflected in society, and in our personal lives. Many of us are also experiencing alterations in our physical bodies. There is a marked increase in food intolerance and allergies. As we embrace what is truth for each of us, our thoughts evolve and we change on an energetic level. When that occurs, our bodies will also evolve.  That could explain why food and drink which doesn’t match or resonate with this shift in vibration isn’t being well tolerated. Genetically modified foods and foods with little nutritional value can’t nourish our bodies.  As a result we are sluggish, and what we eat turns to fat instead of being used for fuel to move us forward.

Our e-motions or “Energy in Motion” have also shifted and we are being called to live our lives in resonance with these new energy patterns. It’s becoming less acceptable for our hearts and spirits to stay in relationships which aren’t in alignment with our deepest desires.  It’s also becoming less acceptable to spend our precious life energy in jobs which are not in alignment with our truth. In some cases we are even being called to leave our homes as they no longer feel “right” to us. I know this is scary but there is nothing to be afraid of; we will survive this and be much better off as a result.

Change is here, there’s no doubt! We’re birthing something new and the birth process is painful and always life altering. It takes work to nurture this new “addition”. As anyone with children can tell you though, the pain and work is so worth it. The pain and upheaval which comes from birthing something new is the price to pay for a truly fulfilled life.

As someone who began detecting these energetic shifts over 30 years ago, I’ve adopted ways to live in my own truth during these times. Although sometimes quite difficult, I did access ways to eat well, leave relationships which were draining, find sustaining work I love, create a beautiful loving home and feel beautiful in my skin. Fear has left my experience; to be replaced by an undercurrent of happiness, abundance and a faith and trust that all is well.

I hope  my experiences may prove helpful to you. Although each of us must do our own work, it helps to know others have been where you are now. What is truth for you may not be truth for me and that is great! We will evolve in to a planet of beings living from the heart, each person following what is true for them and living in joy. Reaching this state is not a cake walk, but if we can provide a little light for others on the journey, the path we are all forging will be that much sweeter.

Take Care, Paula