money as energy exchange

Money-A Unit of Energy Exchange; Nothing more!

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money as energy exchange

Money-A Unit of Energy Exchange; Nothing more!

Published On: 04/08/2013Categories: WorkTags: , ,

We exchange our life energy for little money in return. Not a fair trade.

Money, Money, Money, Money…Money

Visionaries sense the impending evolution shifting our planet and our psyches. Many of us are looking for something more…more meaning, more value, and more worth!  Although this search has transcendent meaning; we also have to put food on the table.  So, I began to think about transcendence and the true meaning of money. Down the rabbit hole I went!

Money is really just the agreed upon exchange medium for humans.  I have something of worth and I exchange that for something you have which I deem worthy. Money is just the medium we use for the exchange. Money in and of itself has no meaning.  It is literally the unit of exchange the human race has accepted as a way to trade energy for energy. I know I may be flogging a dead horse here, but this is a concept we may not be used to embracing, so it bears repeating.  We give various things worth and we are willing to exchange our life energy (also known as talents, skills etc,)  in order to have at our disposal those things we find of worth. Money is the “currency” of exchange. (no pun intended ;))

Shelter and food are vital to our survival and we spend a large portion of our life energy ensuring we have these.  Since most of us have to travel somewhere in order to exchange our life energy for shelter and food, a mode of transportation has also become important to our survival.

This is where I had the major “Ah-ha”.

We have been trading our life energy to make others wealthy.  I think we all know this, it has just been really hard to articulate it.  The slight of hand was well executed and we are a trusting lot–so we haven’t seen the trick.  Why should it take the majority of our adult working life to transfer the deed of ownership for our shelter, from the bank to us, when that mortgage is finally paid off?  That’s the biggest financial burden the majority of us carry around–but it is not the only one.  Car payments, credit card debt…we are literally exchanging our life energy to make someone else wealthy. Others are getting an unfair amount of money for the level of life energy they are putting forward.

I realized that we are exchanging our life energy and “they” are playing with the unit of exchange. Certainly, it is not a worthy exchange for us to go to work every day and exchange life energy for money, while on the other side of the equation, “they” manipulate the financial markets so we can renegotiate our mortgage at a higher rate and make them richer…LOL (not)! That is just one example–I’m sure you can think of many more!   The “powers that be” are not engaging in a fair trade.  The game is weighted.

This short video helps clarify this point. The more we understand this concept, the less we will allow it to continue.

So you see, it’s not a fair exchange on both sides.  We give our life’s energy for very little money and the other side expends very little life energy for massive amounts of money.   I think this is called stealing–at the very least it is immoral and unconscionable…hmmmmmmm!

“It has so happened in all the ages of the world that some have laboured and others have, without labour, enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong and should not continue”. ~Abraham Lincoln

There is more than enough money to go around when there is a fair exchange of life energy for the unit of exchange (money) we use as our bartering tool. We have numbers on our side people.  When enough of us wake up to this slight of hand and begin demanding the other side play fair, we will all have more time and life energy to devote to transcendence–to finding more meaning in our lives.  Fair is Fair!

I know this is both a scary and exciting time to be alive on this planet.  Let me help you live in to your best life.

Take Care, Paula 



  1. zztop 03/29/2024 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    I agree the corruption is global but I think it starts in the parking-lot perse.
    Any little deal digs one deeper into bigger deals.

  2. Laura 03/25/2014 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    I loved your video and article! Today I was happy to read the article on Spirit Library warning us of our global economic demise or transition. I found your article in the comments. The thing that has disturbed me the most over the past few years is the great amount of CORRUPTION our global elite command. I have been hung up on ‘politics’ here in the US and determined that it was futile between Dems and Repubs — because they are actually the same. Corrupt. Deep down I have wished for these economies and governments to collapse so that we could begin to build again with renewed and collective spirit. I recently retired from the public education system (not a teacher). I took a brave step into the unknown because it was financially impossible for me to “save enough money for retirement.” For some reason we are informed that we need hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a retired person. I know that my authentic Spirit could not endure one more minute in a corrupt bureaucracy. I took the leap of faith! Now I question myself as I have learned to live very frugally. I accept that and wish to provide for myself in a beautiful, spiritual, and creative way. The dream sounds fine, but the daily living and worry about making ends meet is a constant struggle.

    I want to thank you for voicing the sentiment of US vs THEM in our exchanges of life energy! It helps so much to realize there are other kindred spirits like me. You have inspired me to sooth my doubts and devote my time to transcendence and find more meaning in our lives. I will keep checking on you from time to time for further boosts of energy. I know I will need it!

    • Paula Boylan 03/25/2014 at 3:32 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your comment Laura

      I agree the corruption is global and I have a sense it is spear headed by a few elite who pull the strings. We ARE waking up and we ARE many. More and more of us are choosing transcendence or a better way. The more en”light”ened or transcendent we become, the less FEAR is able to silence us. Change is coming, believe that.

      Stay strong, we need you!

      Bliss You