A cartoon figure of the devil. He is holding a placard and on it is written “Get Behind me Satan”.

Get Behind Me Satan

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A cartoon figure of the devil. He is holding a placard and on it is written “Get Behind me Satan”.

Get Behind Me Satan

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Fear of Satan – a.k.a. the devil in red is nothing to fear … really!

Satan or the devil standing with his thumb pointing behind him. The text on the placard he is holding reads “Get behind me Satan”.

Did you go to church as a child? If so, you’ll get this. I’m a cradle Catholic who is grateful for the years I spent with the Church. My wonderful parents gave me a tangible way to connect with and nurture my spiritual side. But you know what they say … God has no grandchildren.

We each need to find our own way to connect with spirit. The crucifix which hung on my wall has been taken down. In its place are statues of Buddha, singing bowls and Goddess containers filled with sage.

Even though I left the Catholic Church, Jesus remains my go-to guy when I need guidance.

The teachings attributed to Jesus are profound in their depth. They seem to meet me wherever I am in my spiritual journey. “Get behind me Satan” was the phrase in my brain when I woke up this morning. 20 minutes of meditation and I just had to get this down on paper.

I faced an ugly truth this past weekend. A gifted psychic friend of mine confirmed something I had always known was true but didn’t want to admit. It would mean that someone I loved and trusted had in fact betrayed me in a heart wrenching way.

Since then, I have encountered 2 other instances where actions more in line with Satan than God have entered my life. (This is quite common. When we have faced an ugly truth, we are often tested a total of 3 times to ensure we learn the lesson. Earth is a classroom after all.)

In one instance, someone tried to sell me on-line services which were fraudulent and would likely have meant heartache and headache. In the second, I was denied a business service because it was determined that my offerings were occultist.

I thought persecuting witches was outlawed … lol!

The word occult means “hidden from view, secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated”. My work is about teaching others how to open to the secret; a.k.a. higher personal wisdom.

Where do you find this secret? It’s found by balancing the feminine way of ‘be’-ing with the masculine way of ‘do’-ing. Accessing the wisdom which is hidden from view is a feminine quality. It’s intuitive. Acting on our new found wisdom is a masculine quality. We need both in this ‘experiential’ human experience.

Accessing and acting on our intuition threatens the status quo because it means taking back our power. The ‘powers-that-be’ don’t want us accessing hidden knowledge. If this world is to flourish going forward, we must take back our intuitive power.

Satan is the metaphor for that which stands between you and your power.

We are all children of God. No one is more exalted or capable than another when it comes to accessing the ‘secret’. What stands in our way is ‘Satan’; which is another word for ‘situation which helps me grow as a spiritual being.’

Earth is a place of duality. In every life we need the contrast of black and white.

Satan is not to be feared. Satan is needed for the contrast. You are strong enough to face that which scares you. You are strong enough to choose God.

From my perspective “Get behind me Satan” means:

  • I see you. I know you exist.
  • You will not stand in my way.
  • I am here to learn how to choose my connection with God over my connection with the trappings of this earthly plane.
  • You are needed as a way for me to learn and make choices. This is the gift of free will at work.
  • There is no judgement around that which stands between me and a connection with God. All is needed.
  • My connection with God is mine alone and my choice to make.

What is my choice?

To relegate that which stands in my way to step aside. I am connected to my higher power and greater wisdom. I will use that information to take action on this earthly plane.

p.s. I avoided the trap of signing up for a fraudulent service by taking the time to access inner wisdom. I was guided to do research on the company and found hundreds of complaints against them. Taking the time to ‘be’ before ‘do’ can save so much heartache.

A beautiful Goddess leans against a tree in the left side of the photo. On the right side is text which reads "Ready to Become a Manifesting Goddess"

For those who would like to learn how to join me for a special weekend of sacred Goddess work. It occurs at the new moon in November and will be our last chance for the seed cycle before 2018. p.s. Event was a tremendous success. Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect with Goddess energy.

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