Turn Dreams in to Reality with Neptune Square Saturn

When planets form specific geometric angles to one another, the potential for our growth process is super-charged. Perhaps it’s because the photon stream is affected by the gravity change when planets form certain angles. This square is an awesome opportunity for all of us. Learn how to use these energies to turn your dreams in to reality.

We are energetic beings. Our brains emit a frequency which can be measured with an EEG. Our hearts emit an even longer frequency which can be measured by an EKG (for more information visit heartmath.org). And the biggest organ in our body….our skin; emits infrared radiation. This electromagnetic radiation emits a frequency lower than visible light. We can see those frequencies when we dawn infrared glasses.

Humans are walking energy fields interacting with other walking energy fields in a bubble of energy encased in our Solar System. The Sun, the Moon, the Constellations (arrangements of many suns and nebulas which are light years away) and the Planets, all emit their own specific energy. Our understanding of the effect these energetic frequencies have on humans is expanding.

November 26, 2015 marked a day when 2 very important planets, Neptune and Saturn, formed a (direct) 90 degree square to one another in our skies. These are very slow moving planets so the resulting energetic frequencies will affect us until the middle of September, 2016. That gives us plenty of time to take full advantage of this opportunity.

When planets form specific geometric angles to one another, the potential for our growth process is super-charged. Perhaps it’s because the photon stream is affected by the gravity change when planets form certain angles. These photon streams bathe our planet and its’ inhabitants in a way which is designed to prod us into a period of growth. Growth pushes us beyond our comfort zone and that can be uncomfortable.

I interpret the energies of the outer planets in a way which is a little different than most, but agree with the level of affect these swirling gas giants can have on our conscious development. Neptune is the energy of illusion or dreams. It is non-reality (in our physical sense) and it is hard to fathom. Saturn is the energy of our earthly physical structure in this 3d reality. It is ‘boots on the ground’ day-to-day human experience. So what happens when we are bombarded with opposing energies asking us to connect:

  • Reality with Illusion

  • Dream time with waking time

What happens is we begin to feel confusion!!

So…how do we step out of that confusion and find clarity?

We utilize the bridge or the energies of the planet Uranus to connect these polar opposites. Uranus is the energy of conscious awakening and that is what is happening on our planet at this epic time. We are becoming more consciously aware of how our reality is formed or created.

Our reality is formed using physics. A wave of potential (Neptune) collapses into a particle (Saturn) and takes form in our physical world.

So now that you know how creation happens, you can learn to connect with your dreams (Neptune) to create the reality (Saturn) you want for this earthly experience. See…what an amazing opportunity we all have right now! This Neptune Saturn Square is super-charging our ability to create the life of our dreams.

What are your dreams? I dream of a better world. A world of peace, where resources are equitably divided and shared. A world where all feel safe and loved. Where forgiveness and compassion, for ourselves and others, is the modus operandi.

Many of us have similar dreams and we have great power in making these dreams a reality.  Einstein said

“We can not solve a problem from the same thinking that created it”.

This world will not change with war and revolution. It will change with love and evolution. And it begins with you. It was Gandhi who so famously said…

“Be the Change you want to see”! 

Where to start? You must ‘ground’ this reality in your own Saturnian 3 dimensional life so it is easier for others to access the same reality. (Hundredth Monkey Effect) If you are reading this post, you are ready for this information and you will be one of the people who have the opportunity to create a new and better reality on Earth.

Here are 3 tools to help you cross the bridge (Uranus) from Neptune (dreams) to Saturn (reality). Utilizing these 3 tools will allow for greater clarity for your earthly life. You will find it easier to make your dreams come true, and you will be a real catalyst for change on Planet Earth.

  • Begin a meditation practice.

  • Begin a daily journal practice; give subconscious messages a way to make themselves known.
  • Keep a sleep journal and allow your dream time to ‘ground’ itself in your awake time.

By the time these planets move away from the energy of the square they have formed, we could be well on our way to a much better reality.

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