Time…The Gift That Keeps Giving

Published On: 05/27/2013Categories: AwakeningTags: , ,

Time…The Gift That Keeps Giving

Published On: 05/27/2013Categories: AwakeningTags: , ,

Time is perhaps the most precious tool we have been gifted with but no one has told us how to use this tool. Most of us see time as a linear function.  We have the past on one end, the future on the other end and the present where we are now.  We spend our present, or where we are now, thinking about what we need to do or would like to do in the future.  Are these kinds of thoughts really the best way to make use of our present?  (Which by the way is our life; we only have this moment in which to create.)

Are the following thoughts familiar?  Just so you know; it takes one to know one! :)

  • I need to finish that project
  • I want to go South in March
  • I can’t wait to go golfing on Saturday
  • I need to stop at the store on the way home and get dinner


See what I mean.  And the really sad part is if we aren’t thinking about what we’re doing in the future, we’re stuck in the past where we allow unfinished business to weigh down our present and limit our ability to create our best future.

I would suggest we change our mind-set around time and see it in a circular fashion instead of a linear function.  Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.  He wrote this in a letter to the family of a dear friend upon his passing

“…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”~Einstein


I know it’s almost impossible to wrap our heads around this concept.  This is one of those mind-set shifts which will make a profound difference in your life when you are open to seeing time in this way.  I’m hoping the above illustration will help bring some clarity to this concept.  So, bear with me…please.  This is a bit of mental gymnastics here!

If everything is happening in this moment of NOW…otherwise known as the present…we have tremendous creative power in every moment of NOW.

I can choose the present to go in to an incident which happened in my past and bring compassion and forgiveness to that incident.

(I do this through meditation and journalling).  This allows me to release the negativity or weight I am carrying around. As a result, I have literally changed the past. Everything which happens only has the meaning we give it.  I can see the glass as half full or half empty–both are correct. When I change the meaning I attribute to the incident; I have used my present to change my past …. MAGIC!! As a result, I’m better able to create what I want to create in the NOW because I’m no longer carrying a burden from my past.  My life is lighter and my perspective has shifted.  I am on the road to en-“light”-enment or BLISS!

In the same way, I can go into my future and determine what I would like to see there.

I am free to use my present to take the necessary steps to live in to the future I want to create.

I can also choose to live squarely and fully in this present moment.

The understanding that “This too shall pass”, gives us the ability to release attachment to what ever is happening in our present life; whether positive or negative.  We have the ability to use our perspective about any experience to give it the meaning we choose to give it.  This gifts us with tremendous power to use this present moment of NOW and live into our light or our BLISS.  The choice is always ours.  It’s TIME to own that. :))

Just as an aside. This journey to Bliss is a journey.  If we are just starting out; we may choose to spend more of our NOW clearing up weight from our past.  This present is filled with more light when we adopt compassion and love for ourselves and others.  We are then able to release those pesky burdens we haul along with us. Who needs more baggage to carry? :)  This also frees us up to create more easily the future we would like to live in to.

Whether we spend this short time together or we “travel” together long term,  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Take Care, Paula