Kali Yuga

By |2024-03-29T14:02:15-04:0003/17/2016|Soul|

It’s her job to “bring you to your knees” sort of speak. If you're over-identified with career, money, relationships, physical body, beliefs…she'll do what it takes to destroy that which you hold dear. Not because she wishes to destroy you. Quite the opposite. She loves you ...


FEAR or False Evidence Appearing Real

By |2024-03-29T14:02:32-04:0007/24/2014|Awakening|

Everyone has to deal with fear, that’s a given. It’s how we deal with fear when it arises that determines our level of happiness. When we can learn to realistically gauge what little danger actually does exist in our lives, we'll find the courage we need to take chances and begin living a fully awakened life.

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