No to Chaos and B.S....yes to Heart Centred Success

Personal and Global Chaos: The Reason

Published On: 05/01/2014Categories: Awakening
No to Chaos and B.S....yes to Heart Centred Success

Personal and Global Chaos: The Reason

Published On: 05/01/2014Categories: Awakening

Why is everything so chaotic?

Our world is changing. It had to. Humanity harnessed the energy of nuclear weapons before we had the maturity to responsibly use such a destructive force. Although there is free will on the planet, the detonation of nuclear energy has the ability to fracture a soul. That is when free will was overridden. Intervention for our own good was required.

We want our children to experience and learn, but when they crawl over to an electrical outlet with fork in hand, intervention for the sake of safety overrides free will and the opportunity to learn from experience. Good parents teach with patience and love. Such is the teaching of the Universe.

A plan was formulated. Ground a higher energy of love on the planet and if possible, let the children grow in to that new energy. A few souls who were resonating at a higher level, were born in to the planet after the bombing of Hiroshima. More have followed since. This was an experiment with an unknown outcome. Would these relatively few souls have the ability to introduce enough higher resonating energy to change the trajectory this planet was on? These souls were put into situations which would require much sacrifice and pain. It was like living this life tuned into 104.5 on a radio when you receive your information on 107.1

Success was cemented in 2012. The higher frequencies of love on the planet had grown to the point where they were able to over shadow the fear which had previously dominated.

Evolutionary change takes time, and this is just the beginning. Now comes the hard work. We are still trying to play this human game the way it has always been played, but the rules have changed. We can all feel it in our hearts. We no longer want leaders who forget they are the servants of the people. This scares the reigning champions, who no longer have the upper hand; but they won’t go down without a fight. Our world is in chaos as this new energy of love replaces the old energy of fear.

We are also experiencing chaos in our personal lives. What has always worked for us, doesn’t anymore. This stands to reason as we evolve into higher energy beings, or to use the radio frequency analogy, as we receive on 107.1 instead of 104.5. Here are some of the changes we may be experiencing:

  • Our bodies are changing. Allergies and sensitivities abound everywhere.
  • It’s getting harder to live and work in situations where we can feel the negative energies of anger, fear, greed and hatred.
  • We no longer want to use our life energy to make others wealthy.
  • We don’t feel as happy as we used to.
  • Something is off. We know we are being lied to by corporations, governments, military, big pharma, and it doesn’t resonate anymore.
  • We are searching for our tribe. We long to connect with others who feel the same way we do.

How do I know all of this? I came to this planet in 1963 knowing I didn’t belong here. I could sense the energy all around me. Animals, rocks, trees, people; I could feel it all. If an argument happened in a room, I could feel the residual energy long after it was over. I went on to live this life immersed in many different situations as I flitted about on a different frequency from every one around me. These are some of those situations:

  • I was born in to a Military family and then married someone in the Military. The first 4 decades of life had jets or tanks as a backdrop.
  • I ran a drop-in centre for the wives of my then-husband’s company as they deployed to the Balkans. I know the energy of war and fear.
  • I was raised a Roman Catholic and came to terms with the energy of a dogmatic faith which has its share of deception and abuse.
  • I was a day trader for awhile as I tried to understand the very convoluted and heavily weighted financial markets.
  • I helped my son battle treatment resistant depression where he was suicidal.
  • For 20 years, I was married to a man who was volatile. His rage depleted my energy and I had to find the strength to leave that situation.

This may be what YOU are experiencing. It has certainly been my experience:


          • I can no longer eat wheat, corn, dairy, meat, beans…the list goes on.
          • Scents bother me
          • Loud noises bother me
          • Bright lights, especially strobing lights bother me
          • Anything which disrupts my peace bothers me.
          • I could no longer work outside my own home, and I don’t feel comfortable in crowds….there is too much energy I can feel.

        Just so you understand, I’m not a recluse. I’ve travelled extensively, lived on 2 continents and have had amazing experiences. I’ve attended a luncheon with Queen Elizabeth, had an audience with Pope John Paul II, and have shook Bill Clinton’s hand. I’ve lived this life full out until I couldn’t anymore. Don’t be too concerned if you begin to feel the need to go inwards and spend a little more time alone. It’s part of this evolutionary change and you are at the forefront!

        Transmuting the fear based energies of the military, dogmatic religion, the financial markets, depression, and abuse at home has been difficult but worthwhile.

        I like to think of myself as a B.S. Transformer. I learned how to transform Belief Systems, find new Behaviours and Skills to work within this new reality, and emerge a Successful Being (Still working on that one, these current energies on the planet are brutal).

        We will all have the ability to emerge with a level of self love and self compassion never before realized on this planet. When that occurs, it will translate in to love and compassion for all of humanity. This is the whole point of this intervention.

        When humanity develops love and compassion, we won’t be able to destroy or harm another.

        We will never experience another Hiroshima.

        I realize that my life’s work will now take me in a slightly different direction. I was one who grounded this higher frequency, and now I can shine the light a little further ahead for those of you who are beginning to resonate at that higher frequency. I must admit, I have a little fear and trepidation around this. When you spend your life hiding who you really are because you don’t fit in, it’s difficult to make the choice to stand out.

        I don’t have all the answers. None of us do. I can share what has worked for me and I can provide support as you have similar experiences.

        By the way. One of the “benefits” of living on this planet in resonance with the energy of love is an ability to access information unavailable until now. The veils which allow us to have this human experience are thick. As we evolve, the veils thin. It is only recently that I have gained clarity around my earthly experience and the reasons for the earth’s evolution. This is what I have shared here. We will all have this ability. It is part of humanity’s evolution. A 30+ year practice of yoga and meditation coupled with a very intuitive ability helped me “soldier” on, but I did not live this life with any more clarity than most of you have.

        Pain seems to accompany growth. I hope to provide relief…with tools, support and resources to help you evolve at a much faster rate than I did :)

        Take Care, Paula