The One Simple Way to Change Everything

Change ….

It’s a perspective shift away

Change can be easy. A black background with a watery picture on the top half. There is a depiction of a heart being held by a pair of hands. Underneath is the caption

Change can be simple

even if it’s not necessarily easy. The good news. You can learn a very simple way to enact change.

Learn to go within, so you don’t have to go without.

I know. That sounds like a platitude, doesn’t it? The kind of pretty sound bite to paste on a background and plaster across social media. Like so much in our world today, the meaning is as multi-layered and as complex or as simple as those who take it in and filter it.

Bear with me for a bit. I’m going to pull from one of the coolest perceptions ever to explain this…Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In a nutshell, this theory explains how everything is relative to the perceiver.

Here’s a way to understand this. I live near the Welland Canal. I’ll use it as the backdrop for clarification. Let’s say you and I walk along the recreational canal trail, and stop to admire the view from one of the bridges. Although we are only a few feet apart, my vantage point allows me to see a ship rounding the bend. You’re unable to see the ship because from your vantage point, it has yet to round the bend. You can’t see it, and therefore for you, it doesn’t exist.

Both of us are correct; based on our own limited view. That’s where the problem lies. Wars have been fought, marriages dissolved, businesses closed, and lives destroyed because we hold fast to what we can see. Because you see ;), this world is only ever perceived from the vantage point of the perceiver.

So how do you expand your perspective?

Change a perspective, change your life. You can see the sky and the moon behind. There are 4 birds in flight and the caption

Simple…you learn what it takes to go within and connect with your own innate wisdom. When you get really good at this, you are capable of taking a bird’s eye view. You can ‘see’ the ship long before it rounds the bend. You can create the life you want instead of reacting to what life presents.

As many of you know, I’m an Entrepreneur. Utilizing the ability to use an expanded perspective allows me to see potential opportunities and challenges before they round the bend. I can put contingency plans in place to create the outcome I want instead of reacting to what life presents. This makes for a profitable and enjoyable business.

I’m not just a business owner. Just like all of you, I am a holistic being. I’m also a mother, a partner, a citizen of this world, and much more. Having the ability to connect with my innate wisdom and use it to create a life I love is the hallmark of my own evolution.

(For anyone who is wondering, evolution is the gradual development of something,  from a simple to a more complex form. We are all being called to evolve. It’s akin to installing a higher operating system, so our abilities increase in complexity. The next rung of human evolution will allow us to access innate wisdom and use it to solve problems from a different perspective. This ability will make for better individual lives and a better world overall.)

Up until now, humans have seen ‘the real world’ and the ‘intuitive world’ as mutually exclusive. When you learn to connect with your intuition and use it to create in your day to day material world, you’ve accessed the Holy Grail. You’ve found the one simple way to change everything.

If you’re ready to change your life and learn a different way to be in this world, I invite you to watch this 5 minute video. It contains a short meditation and a way to begin to shift your perspective. It’s the best 5 minutes you’ll spend today! (The video is primarily an audio experience with one image. Focus is an aspect of going within. Try to meditate on the image while listening to the audio.)

Let’s set up a time together. A Chaos to Clarity session can help you change a perspective and change your life.

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