Mac or PC; Which Would Make you Happy?

Published On: 03/05/2013Categories: WorkTags: , ,

Mac or PC; Which Would Make you Happy?

Published On: 03/05/2013Categories: WorkTags: , ,

Mac or PC? When the inner and the outer are aligned!

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Where do you begin when you know you aren’t happy?  Since we all walk around connected to phones, tablets and laptops,  I thought this analogy might make sense for many of you.

My programmer extraordinaire made the leap from PC to Mac recently and that got me thinking. Windows, the OS (operating system) for the PC, does its best to function on a variety of PC based hardware.  Unfortunately, the hardware is designed by competing manufacturers doing things their own way.  In order for the hardware to function, background (device driver) programs have been written and sometimes they conflict with the other layers running in the background.

The Mac OS is designed specifically for the Mac hardware so internally things are streamlined and the output reflects that. The Mac is magic at work as the inner and outer are in alignment, allowing us to create with ease and finesse. (In the interests of full disclosure, I currently use an android phone–which I love–and I use a PC for a desktop. My laptop is a MacBook Pro and my first computer was a Mac in 1987.  Throughout the years, I have used both and believe both have their charms.)  Now, back to the blog…

Life is like this PC/Mac analogy.

If our OS (also known as beliefs) is “tighter” with the machine (heart), our programs (choices) run more efficiently and we can create with ease and that makes for a happy life.  When we live this life trying to run someone else’s OS, their beliefs conflict with our heart’s desire and it is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the life we want.

If our lives aren’t working, we all have the ability to change jobs, relationships, vehicles or houses.  On the outer, it may look like we have our life in order and we are happy.  So why are so many of us unhappy even when we make those major life changes?

I would suggest we are running device drivers, or programs written by others, and we end up living someone else’s life. 

Since these programs belong to someone else (parents, partners, media, society), they are not necessarily compatible with our OS or our hardware.  We need to ensure our OS and hardware (heart and beliefs) are in harmony before we embark on change or we may experience glitches, crashes and fatal errors.

In order to find Bliss, we will have to embrace a reality we aren’t used to embracing!  We are used to having everything we want NOW.  Learning to listen to our heart’s desires and following our own beliefs is not a quick fix.  It’s not easy to embrace the best OS and hardware.  The Mac is more expensive than a PC and the choice to purchase one means we may have to make sacrifices in other areas so we can afford this new computer with its streamlined operating system.

Just like the time it takes to save enough to purchase a Mac, it also takes time and conscious choice to adopt a realistic sense of who “I AM” on the inner.  Until I change my operating system, I will never manifest the life I want to have on the outer and I will never truly be happy.   When our heart and beliefs are in alignment, we can create with ease and finesse.

Check back often and begin syncing your OS with your hardware. This is just the beginning of the support available as you upgrade your life :)

Know thyself! Happiness and abundance is the end product of this heart centred evolution.

I know this is both a scary and exciting time to be alive on this planet. Let me help you live in to your best life.

Take Care, Paula