Worry in bed

Is it Time to Change the Companions in Your Bed?

Published On: 03/22/2013Categories: RelationshipsTags:
Worry in bed

Is it Time to Change the Companions in Your Bed?

Published On: 03/22/2013Categories: RelationshipsTags:

When was the last time you woke in the middle of the night only to realize worry had somehow become a companion in your bed and your head?  For me, it was last night!  The cause of my angst…the nagging sense something isn’t working in my life and (gulp) change is needed. As long as we draw breath, we will all continue to create and the best creations happen in the void; when we are feeling the pain.

As Heraclitus stated 2500 years ago

“Change is the only constant”

…and nothing has changed since then :).  That nagging distress we all know so well is just the canary in the mine shaft.  It is the early warning signal designed to give us the information required so we can prepare for the next success in life…so we can live into even more serene joy and BLISS.

The biggest problem with these middle of the night worry fests, at least for me, all I can feel in the moment is fear and the sense that  “I can’t do this”.  Luckily, a better sleep is just around the corner and if you bear with me I’ll share the process I use to choose who I share my bed with. :)

No matter how much work we have done–there will always be room for improvement. In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll share what’s keeping me awake at night.  I thought I had cleared these “wounds”, but there is obviously still some opportunity to see things from a higher perspective.  Through out the first decade of the 2000’s as I worked with transcending old outdated energies, failure after failure was a close companion.  How could success, which had been so easy to come by, suddenly be such a distant memory?  I no longer had the recipe to make money–or the will to do so. My confidence had wavered. Today, as I work towards sharing my BLISS offerings with the world, I am questioning my ability to have success. FEAR or False Evidence Appearing Real, is doing its best to hold me back!

What we see as failure is really just part of letting go of the old to make way for the “new and better”. However, no matter how outdated the old is–we feel comfort with it, and letting go hurts. There is a void left and that is the exact place we need to be to begin the process of creating better. Just so you know, it’s not always pretty. There were days I was throwing tantrums a 2 year old would be proud of.

Many of us are finding ourselves in this same place; tired and battle weary!

The reality is–everything is up for grabs and will be from here on in.  We are free to create from the void, there is no template. Going forward, we will have to find the motivation, energy and self love to create our own futures. All we need to do is:

1. Overcome fatigue and learn to trust…in our struggle and our ability!
2. Take solace in the fact we are amazing creators and we do know what to do. Feeling stuck is part of the creation process.  How could we possibly improve our lives if we are unaware improvement is even warranted?

This process….which is icky by the way, is the process of change; and the recipe for a better nights sleep.  From what I have been able to discern ;) –it plays out like this:

A familiar feeling of discontent

that sense something in life really sucks.

Exposure–just what’s trying to get my attention?

Grab that journal and begin writing…only stop for bursts of deep cleansing breaths and meditation. (When it gets really bad, a glass of wine helps :)) This is my recipe for digging up and exposing what in my life is “screaming” metaphorically (of course) for acknowledgement.

Accept or yield to the information bubbling up from the surface.

Fighting is futile–believe me, I’ve tried. At this point, it’s enough to just have openness and acceptance for the little nuggets of information peeking out from your subconscious.

Utilize tools to move through and release

what it is that’s holding us back from embracing a more heart connected way of living our lives.

Try to see FEAR for what it is.

Remember False Evidence Appearing Real, and learn to trust in your abilities


Take one step into that new reality and trust that you will continue to move forward. Change happens in increments. We will very likely have a foot in the future and one in the past as we move into our new reality.


the little successes; it will motivate you to take the next step.

Change is difficult but there is help. Allow me help you live in to your best (worry-less) life!

Take Care, Paula