As the caterpillar transforms in preparation to take flight as a butterfly, I too keep waiting for take-off. How about you? Can you sense you aren’t who you used to be? I look back and know I am not the same person….not even nearly. Change is like a spiral (think of a DNA helix). We coil ever higher, even if the pace is so slow it feels like we are getting nowhere. We want to get to the “end” (whatever that means), when really—the journey is the whole point.

Not all that comforting when we are knee deep in what will be seen in the future as a time of great evolution in the development of humans. Deep in the cocoon; everything we thought we knew about who we are and how this world works doesn’t resonate any more. Many of us are beginning to “see” or perceive the manipulation and can no longer buy in to it :(

Ignorance is Bliss, so waking up is gonna hurt! When we remove the blinders and begin to perceive what was just outside our field of vision, we will be called to take action…

Form your own opinions as you begin to notice and contemplate the ramifications of the following: (Oh and if you are so moved, please add your own realizations in the comments section:

  • The amount of cheap and over-plentiful goods on this planet from China.
  • The dishonesty in politics. (I’m Canadian, so dishonesty in the Senate–an unelected body of free loaders–is the cheating at the forefront in politics in my country at present)
  • The UNFAIR manipulation of money so we are slaves to a few.
  • The level of bureaucracy which keeps us from living a free and democratic life where we can practice our talents and trade those for a fair wage.
  • The high taxes and crippling borrowing costs so we have little choice but to spend the majority of our life energy running on the hamster wheel.

Imagine the life we will live when we begin to open to another way! Just a bit of work first. Like that caterpillar, it will hurt when we squeeze out of our cocoon. There is no going back though. Humanity passed a marker on December 21, 2012 and the energies on this planet are not the same.

Take heart, we have support. The birth process is a life changer and that is what we are experiencing. Our energy levels are low at present because we need to assimilate higher frequencies coming at us from astrological placements, solar activity, and meteor showers. It is overwhelming and we are tired, but it is a required process for real and lasting change.

We are electro-magnetic beings who originate from the stars. Everything in this world of form is made up of atoms and atoms are formed under great pressure and heat in our skies. Just like a wise old grandparent, the “heavens” are feeding our beings with the support and wisdom-filled information we need so we can remove the blinders and live a free and joyful life.

For some of us, we have been at this for so long; we just want to begin seeing our work take form. (I’ve been at this for pretty close to half a century.) Emotions *energy in motion* and our thought patterns are the first to change. Our physical structure is dense so would be the last to reflect the change in frequency. For many, you are beginning to question if you are living your lives in authenticity. That is the beginning of a thought pattern change. Taking action to align with those thoughts will mean change, but you are well supported now.

We have the opportunity to live more en“light”tened lives.

Keep in mind, when push comes to shove, we are each ultimately responsible for our own choices. We must each make our own way. When Jesus became enlightened on this planet, he had to leave those he knew behind. His energetic frequency wasn’t in sync with this planet, or with those he lived with. We are being tasked with staying and making a new world which resonates with this new energy. Together and alone; connected and autonomous…

…every single one of us is needed: it is a big job!




I know this is both a scary and exciting time to be alive on this planet.  Let me help you live in to your best life.

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