Build a better business

How to Build Your Dream Business on the Cheap

Build a better business

How to Build Your Dream Business on the Cheap

Want to Build Your Dream Business and Do It On The Cheap?

Building a business is a dream for many sensitive people. Calling your own shots and having greater control over your environment is very appealing.

You can see these go-getters on the weekends. Filling their cars with wares. Driving off to yet another event. Setting up a rented booth surrounded by fellow like-minded entrepreneurs.

Running your own successful business takes hard work, strategy, connection and support from a team. Your team doesn’t necessarily have to be on your payroll though.

We Can Help One Another Succeed

Connection and Support can come from friends and colleagues as you build your business.

Taking The Chance

In early Fall, I spent the day with one of my coaching clients. Tina left her corporate job as a Buyer to launch her own boutique. She opened a shop that sells Vintage one-of-a-kind finds along with her own personal designs.

Tina was getting ready to launch her website and needed photos. I was one of the ‘real life models’ who got all ‘dolled’ up and played dress-up for the day. The pictures taken will grace her website and launch her business in a bigger way.

Many Amazing Women Answered the Call

All came together to support Tina as she builds her business.

They included:

  1. Hair Stylist
  2. Makeup Artist
  3. Photographer
  4. Models

I was in my glory! I love talking to women. Helping them make their dreams come true is my calling. The Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist and Photographer I met at the photo shoot all told me the same thing.

They Long for a New and Better Way to Make a Living

2 of the 3 are still working a full time gig for someone else. But they’re close to the time when their side hustle can financially support them. Working with like-minded entrepreneurs can help create a wildly successful business sooner. How you ask? By ….

  • Creating co-operatives of expertise.
  • Sharing your specialty with others.
  • Using their know-how to plug your holes.

That’s how you can birth a new economic reality….even if you have limited resources.

Helping others find work that feeds both the soul and the bank account has been enlightening.

It’s Not the What, But the How!

From my years as an Employment Counselor, I learned that many people enjoy what they do. But they don’t enjoy certain aspects of working for others. They like what they do. They don’t like how they have to do it! Many feel stuck. They can’t see a way out.

Think of it this way. When you’ve done anything for a long period of time, it becomes difficult to see another way. Imagine a dirt road where years of travel down the same path have carved deep narrow ruts into the hard earth. Trying to change course and steer out of the rut is difficult. Slipping back in is a real possibility. That’s why so many stay stuck.

Take heart! Those with the entrepreneurial spirit are a special breed. When you get stuck, you tend to find another way. Tap in to your genius when you feel stuck. If progress seems slow. Remember …

You are a true leader. You may not be comfortable thinking of yourself in this way, but you have led yourself to create a business that didn’t exist before.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a multi-million dollar corporation or an Avon business. As you scale that business, you create jobs. In turn you lead others. (Many of my clients are also mothers….if that isn’t leadership, I don’t know what is!)

My client Tina created work for others as she directed the photo shoot. To do so, she had to step out of her comfort zone and take the lead. As a result, her business is on the road to higher revenues and retirement is not such a scary thought for her.

You Can Create Your Own Revenue Doing What You Love

You can leave the fear of always working for another behind.

After all, why should you spend your precious life energy making someone else wealthy?

Making entrepreneurial dreams a reality takes work. But you don’t have to do it alone. Support others and be open to receiving support. It’s the best way to build your successful business on the cheap.

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