Buddha, Christ and oh Mama!

Buddha, Christ and oh mama!

Buddha energy at this time of Wesak.

Christ energy at this time of expanding consciousness on the planet

Feminine energy during this time of veneration for Mary and for the expanding feminine energies finding their home on the planet.

The first full moon in May is known as the Wesak full moon.  This particular moon packs a larger punch than normal. During Wesak, the energies of Buddha and Christ descend on the planet in a big way and prepare the metaphorical soil for what will germinate in our spiritual life.

May is also the month of Mary (for those of the Catholic faith).  As the mother of Jesus, Mary exemplifies faith, suffering and surrender. Perhaps the energies of Mary can help us get through this time of Wesak. It can be difficult when we are in the midst of clearing out the old to make way for the new. It hurts to let go of what we have known, even if it’s for our own good. Especially when the future has yet to sprout, and our feet aren’t planted on solid ground yet.

The Universe gives us the lessons we need and many of us are working with some biggies right now! The monumental lesson which came up for me during this time of excavation has to do with mothering and the way I care for everyone….long past the time they are capable of caring for themselves.

What is your lesson? If you want a hint, this might help. Do friends or family have a nickname for you? My family has been calling me Grandma since I was little. I was always so concerned that everyone had what they needed. When I got older, they started to call me Martha Stewart.

The connotation of both those names have light and shadow attached to them. It’s great to care for others, but not if it depletes your energy or takes responsibility away from others for their own welfare. That’s called co-dependency….not a good thing!

If you have a nickname, what is the light and shadow of that name? Dig deep and see if there’s a diamond in the rough just waiting to be unearthed and polished

I’m available to help you work through the fallout from Wesak energies…and any of the other energies bathing the planet and spurring us on to bigger and better things.  Available coaching packages can be found here.

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