Art for Heart Sake

Art for Heart Sake

How do you express your he-“art”?

My partner Robert surprised me last night with an unexpected gift; a canvas painted by an artist friend of his. It’s title is “Lifting the Veils” and is the term Rob and I use when talking about what’s happening on planet Earth at this time in history.

How do you express your heart

I coach, develop programs and write to help people “lift the veils”. Some people paint, some make movies (Avatar), and some take part in demonstrations (Occupy Wall Street, or Take Back the Net).

The Ancient Greeks felt that

Art is the creative expression of free will 

and was only practiced by the very rich or the very poor. The very rich could afford the time to express themselves and create because they didn’t have to worry about providing for the basic necessities of life. Among the very poor were people driven by the need to create, and they allowed the process of creation to take precedence over providing the creature comforts of life. (Hence the term Starving Artist.)

We are all creators. In the book of Genesis it is written that God created man in his own image. I don’t believe that means God or our Creator has human qualities. I believe it means that we too are creators and we have been gifted with the free will to create our reality.

We express our creativity through the life we live.

Like any gift, we have the choice whether or not to accept it.

Part of lifting the veils is understanding how this society has kept us so busy providing for the necessities of life, we have given up our creative expression of free will. We have decided not to use the gift our creator gave us.

It could be argued that we can do nothing about this state of affairs, but I disagree. If we lift the veils enough to see the wizard behind the curtain we could make the choices necessary so we are able to use the gift of creative expression of free will we have all been given. Yes it will take courage, passion and wisdom to take back what is rightfully ours…but just like Dorothy, we have it in us. We are after all made in the image of Source/God.

Happiness is ours when we connect with who we are at our core. Start small…Rome wasn’t built in a day! Begin to create as your heart whispers its intentions to you. Create a beautiful meal, a garden, a meaningful conversation. Begin where you are and grow in to the courage, wisdom and passion needed to live a life where you are utilizing the greatest gift of all. The gift to create a beautiful life in alignment with you…not the life dictated to you by the bank, media, society, parents, partner etc.

After all…Know Thyself + Be Thyself = Happiness. You’ll know you are in alignment with YOUR heart when you are expressing your creativity through the life you live. Take Care,

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