The he-‘ART of FLOW’

The Art of Flow
The he-'Art of Flow'

Why do we stay in a situation when we know we aren’t happy? Perhaps…we stay in something until we finally realize we are worthy of more than what we are experiencing.

This realization of our worthiness is a hard thing for us to accept. It’s not your fault when you believe you are less than or not worthy of. You are flying in the face of thousands of years of human experience. We all carry a collective wound. Myths and religions remind us of this in various parables and stories. The story of Adam and Eve speaks of a fall from grace. We all carry that sense of being flawed within our psyches. For those of the Christian faith….we are raised hearing that Jesus died for our sins. When we hear that from an early age, we believe we are sinful. We believe that at our very core…we are flawed.

If we are born in to this world a female, we get a double whammy. This patriarchal world sees woman as second class citizens for the most part. Yes, we have made great strides in the West in the past century, but owning our worth means flying in the face of thousands of years of erroneous beliefs. After all, it has been less than a century that women in Canada are able to own property in their own right, and vote in elections. How long does it take to change an ingrained prejudice which has entered the collective psyche of the masses?

The turbulence and frustration many are feeling today stems from a flicker of knowing. I am more than I have been led to believe. I am worthy of more than I am experiencing…regardless of my gender, race, creed, and colour.

When this flicker of knowing begins to surface, we will experience what is known as ‘a crisis of faith’ or ‘a dark night of the soul’. The very foundation upon which humanity has functioned is being called in to question. When your foundation has cracks, your life as you know it stands a very good chance of tumbling down.

I want to help you if your foundation is beginning to crack. In the last decade I dismantled my house built on a shifting foundation and rebuilt on beliefs which feel rooted in truth. I don’t have all the answers, but I can take your (metaphorical) hand and share what has worked for me so far.

I’m not rooted in this truth every minute of every day. It’s a struggle to leave outdated, ingrained beliefs behind and hold on to something which still feels fragile, but it is getting easier to own….

I AM a spark of the divine
I AM beautiful and worthy
I AM free to create the life I want to manifest

The same is true for you!

If you are in a situation in your life where you aren’t as happy as you could or should be, that’s your signal…it’s time for some inner work. I can provide support and tools to help you. Make sure you have left your name and email on the top right hand side of the page. It’s time to own this truth of who you are… I am more than I have been led to believe. I am worthy of more than I am experiencing.

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, designer, career counselor…these are the hats I wore. Some I have discarded. Some I have kept. In the process, I designed tools to help build a solid foundation for this heart centred life. I hope they will serve as useful tools when you are building what is true for you.

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