Why Care About Conscious Awakening / Evolution?

Understanding the process of Conscious Awakening, aka Conscious Evolution can save you time, heartache, divorce, health issues, money problems and any other life crisis we humans are so good at becoming embroiled in.

Use the Moon to Light the Way

We are energetic beings and we are in a stage of unprecedented evolution. The vehicle for that conscious evolution is the electromagnetic waves bathing our planet.

Kali Yuga

It’s her job to “bring you to your knees” sort of speak. If you are over-identified with your career, your money, your relationships, your physical body, your ideologies…she will do what it takes to destroy that which you hold dear. Not because she wishes to destroy you. Quite the opposite. She loves you ...

Round Peg Syndrome?

Do you feel a little weird or afflicted lately? Is life beginning to feel as if you are constantly trying to stuff a round peg in to a square hole?

What Defines You?

Most of us walk around simply existing…happily defined by our labels; manager, parent, spouse, portfolio owner, weekend athlete. But what happens when the surface meaning gets stripped away?

Done For You Journal Entry

Journal Writer’s Block?
This Will Help!

(psst…little suggestion as you journal. Try to write this in first person…use “I” and keep it about you. If you make it about someone else, you are giving them control to change something only you can change. Who wants to do that?? If you do use “you” in your journaling, follow it up with “I” statements so you re-establish your empowerment.)

When I work towards finding balance on this earthly […]

Turn Dreams to Reality

We are energetic beings. Our brains emit a frequency which can be measured with an EEG. Our hearts emit an even longer frequency which can be measured by an EKG (for more information visit heartmath.org). And the biggest organ in our body….our skin; emits infrared radiation. This electromagnetic radiation emits a frequency lower than visible light. We can see those frequencies when we dawn infrared glasses.

Humans are walking energy fields interacting with […]

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