The Secret to Increased Profitability – Close More Sales

Are you ready to increase your business profitability? The secret to making that a reality is to increase your sales and that’s easier to implement than you might think.

Do you get hung up when it comes time to close the sale?

The moment arrives. You’ve connected beautifully with your potential customer. They know what you do, they want what you offer, but you leave them hanging. You never ask for the sale!


The Answer is probably simple. It boils down to lack of training! The good news….that’s easy to fix.

Take Ann, one of my personal coaching clients. She has made real progress in her marketing. She has her messaging down. She believes in her product. She knows her offerings. So why would she neglect to close the sales loop? The answer is simple…she didn’t have a system (yet)

The ‘Art of the Sale’ is that system.  It provides:

  • Mindset
  • Psychology
  • Method

It’s everything you need to close the sales loop and increase business profitability. Investing in the training to implement these tools will allow you to serve your client at the highest level.

I’m happy to share that my client, Ann is consistently closing sales now. How?

The system taught her to:

  • Clear subconscious programming which told her she wasn’t worthy of success
  • Connect with her client’s urgent need to find a solution. She learned to convey (in a soft way) that her offering is the solution. (No hard sale here)
  • Implement a tried and true script or method to adhere to throughout the sales conversation. She practiced it until she could follow it in her sleep.

When you learn to master the above, you’ll be closing sales easily too. You’ll feel good about providing your services and your business will thrive. Isn’t that why you do what you do?

I can give you a tangible way to begin practicing this yourself.

  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Take a sheet of paper and write down how the problem they need solved is affecting their life. Number each problem. Keep writing! The more you connect with their problem, the easier it is for you to connect with your potential client and the solution.
  • Take another sheet of paper and go through each numbered problem. Write down how your solution solves each and every problem.
  • Feel how good it would be for them to have a solution to their problem.
  • OWN IT! You are the solution to that problem! Convey how it would FEEL to have the problem solved and you are on your way to a successful sale.

People make buying decisions based on their state of emotion. They want to feel better. They want to feel special. They want to feel less worry in their lives.

Tweet: People don’t buy based on how you make them think, they buy based on how you make them feel

Learn a system to connect with your customers state of emotion to help you close the sale. Now you know THE secret to increased business profitability. All you have to do is implement it.