Round Peg Syndrome?

Do you feel a little weird or afflicted lately? Is life beginning to feel as if you are constantly trying to stuff a round peg in to a square hole?

What Defines You?

Most of us walk around simply existing…happily defined by our labels; manager, parent, spouse, portfolio owner, weekend athlete. But what happens when the surface meaning gets stripped away?

Done For You Journal Entry

Perhaps this journal entry will help you see you are not alone in these crazy times. Many others feel just like you do. Feel free to use this journal template as you wish. Add, subtract, delete, embellish, rant….turn it in to your masterpiece, and use it as a way-post to express yourself-to-yourself in a safe and honest way.

The Ultimate Decision Making Tool

The above question was asked by a lady from New York during my radio show yesterday. We all struggle with questions in life where our decision making abilities are put to the test. We are asked to decide between the blue pill or the red pill?

Abundance and Freedom Within

Humans are energetic beings with a deep awareness of the non-physical. The trick…learning how to balance the realities of the physical with the opportunities inherent in the messages of the non-physical. The map to navigate these evolutionary times is written in the stars.

Art of Flow Weekly Meal Planning

Women are incredibly resourceful and we come up with ingenious ways to juggle work, kids, house, love, friends and our own down time. Use this organizational tool to help you juggle like a pro :)

Frustration – Nothing is Going Right!

When it feels as if the world is no longer on our side, we are more willing to jump in to the unknown. If frustration is your close companion and it feels like the world is no longer on your side, have faith! Trust the jump will land you in the best possible place for you.

What is Love?

As we become better at loving the self, we may begin to question the choices we made in relationships. Did society, parents, pregnancy, dogma or other outside forces influence our relationship choices? Are we still happy with our choices? These questions can cause friction in the self and in those we are in relationship with.


This is Law of Attraction at work; we are in a state of flux and that is what is being attracted to us. Our life becomes a great big WHY! Why is this happening to me? Why do I feel this way? I don't know what's true any more.

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