Use the Moon to Light the Way

We are energetic beings and we are in a stage of unprecedented evolution. The vehicle for that conscious evolution is the electromagnetic waves bathing our planet.

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Kali Yuga

It’s her job to “bring you to your knees” sort of speak. If you are over-identified with your career, your money, your relationships, your physical body, your ideologies…she will do what it takes to destroy that which you hold dear. Not because she wishes to destroy you. Quite the opposite. She loves you ...

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Turn Dreams to Reality

Cross the bridge (Uranus) from Neptune (dreams) to Saturn (reality). Utilize these tools and gain greater clarity for your earthly life. You will find it easier to make your dreams come true, and you will be a real catalyst for change on Planet Earth.

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Why Care About Conscious Awakening / Evolution?

Understanding the process of Conscious Awakening, aka Conscious Evolution can save you time, heartache, divorce, health issues, money problems and any other life crisis we humans are so good at becoming embroiled in.

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Abundance and Freedom Within

Humans are energetic beings with a deep awareness of the non-physical. The trick…learning how to balance the realities of the physical with the opportunities inherent in the messages of the non-physical. The map to navigate these evolutionary times is written in the stars.

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Time is Speeding Up!

As we embrace evolution, we are becoming lighter. We are resonating at a higher or lighter energy frequency and our relationship with time is changing as a result.

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Why are my Emotions Overwhelming?

Emotions serve as our teacher. If we are unhappy, that will be felt more sharply than in the past. If we are happy, that emotion will be also felt in a bigger way. Eventually, the contrast will be so great, we will choose the good feeling emotion over the uncomfortable one. Our survival depends on learning the lesson.

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This is Law of Attraction at work; we are in a state of flux and that is what is being attracted to us. Our life becomes a great big WHY! Why is this happening to me? Why do I feel this way? I don't know what's true any more.

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