High Level Planning With a Little ‘Be’ Time

Do you think anyone ever begins anything with a clear direction or end in mind? Planning takes time and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 6 years ago I began with a new direction for my business and my life. As the years passed and I grew my body of work (writing, creating programs, and blogging), it was becoming harder and harder to ‘see’ the direction amidst the meandering flow of creation. I needed an overall review [...]

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The Ultimate Decision Making Tool

The above question was asked by a lady from New York during my radio show yesterday. We all struggle with questions in life where our decision making abilities are put to the test. We are asked to decide between the blue pill or the red pill?

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Art of Flow Weekly Meal Planning

Women are incredibly resourceful and we come up with ingenious ways to juggle work, kids, house, love, friends and our own down time. Use this organizational tool to help you juggle like a pro :)

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FEAR or False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is an emotion we would all do well to overcome Don't forget to share, comment and like! Thanks for your support. Transcript Humans are hard-wired for negativity but we don't live a dangerous life on the Serengeti anymore. It's very unlikely we'll be eaten on our way to work, so we have to learn to override that unrealistic exaggeration of danger that we think lurks around every corner. We also allow fear to control us. Remember the feedback loop. It's a never [...]

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Clear Blocked Flow

Plumbers...you don't really think about them until you need them. I need one. Luckily I know who to call. He got things flowing once before and I know I can count on him now. 5 years ago I moved in to this "century" home. (That's code for perpetually in need of repair).  Newly divorced, hurting, and helping my son deal with treatment resistant depression...I was on auto-pilot. Early one morning, I stumbled to the basement to feed the dog and stepped in to a foot [...]

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It’s Not You; It’s Me! A Change in Perspective

It's not you; it's me!  How many times have you heard that dreaded phrase?  It's usually spoken at the beginning of the end of a romantic relationship, and you're the one in this tango about to suffer the broken foot, ah I mean heart. We think this is a platitude--kind of like when our parents were going to punish us and we heard "this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you".  Yea, right! Things are not always as they seem to [...]

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Money-A Unit of Energy Exchange; Nothing more!

We exchange our life energy for little money in return. Not a fair trade. Money, Money, Money, Money...Money Visionaries sense the impending evolution shifting our planet and our psyches. Many of us are looking for something more…more meaning, more value, and more worth!  Although this search has transcendent meaning; we also have to put food on the table.  So, I began to think about transcendence and the true meaning of money. Down the rabbit hole I went! Money is really just the agreed upon exchange [...]

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Mac or PC; Which Would Make you Happy?

Mac or PC? When the inner and the outer are aligned! credit for photo Where do you begin when you know you aren't happy?  Since we all walk around connected to phones, tablets and laptops,  I thought this analogy might make sense for many of you. My programmer extraordinaire made the leap from PC to Mac recently and that got me thinking. Windows, the OS (operating system) for the PC, does its best to function on a variety of PC based hardware.  Unfortunately, the hardware [...]

Mac or PC; Which Would Make you Happy? 2017-01-02T15:20:16+00:00
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