High Level Planning With a Little ‘Be’ Time

Do you think anyone ever begins anything with a clear direction or end in mind? Planning takes time and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 6 years ago I began with a new direction for my business and my life. As the years passed and I grew my body of work (writing, creating programs, and blogging), it was becoming harder and harder to ‘see’ the direction amidst the meandering flow of creation. I needed an overall review [...]

The Ultimate Decision Making Tool

The above question was asked by a lady from New York during my radio show yesterday. We all struggle with questions in life where our decision making abilities are put to the test. We are asked to decide between the blue pill or the red pill?

Abundance and Freedom Within

Humans are energetic beings with a deep awareness of the non-physical. The trick…learning how to balance the realities of the physical with the opportunities inherent in the messages of the non-physical. The map to navigate these evolutionary times is written in the stars.

Art of Flow Weekly Meal Planning

Women are incredibly resourceful and we come up with ingenious ways to juggle work, kids, house, love, friends and our own down time. Use this organizational tool to help you juggle like a pro :)


This evolution is about finding the courage to mould your own life experience. It's calling you to "feel" in to the heart; the birthplace of true authentic creativity.

Art for Heart Sake

Happiness is ours when we connect with who we are at our core. Start small…Rome wasn’t built in a day! Begin to create as your heart whispers its intentions to you. Create a beautiful meal, a garden, a meaningful conversation.

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