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About a journey of conscious evolution.

Hi – Paula here. Creator and founder of Evolution Coach, Storyu.live and paulaboylan.com

I AM. This is one story about conscious evolution. May it provide a level of guidance as you journey.

I am a student of two of the great Masters – Jesus and Buddha. I am a student of science. I am a spirit having a material experience. I have had a daily meditation practice for 25 years. I have used brain wave entrainment for many years. I am a seeker. I am a teacher. I am a philosopher. I am a former Catholic. My whole life has been about uncovering illusive consciousness.

I was born with a deep connection to my spirit. My earliest memories are of Astral travel. I couldn’t keep my spirit within my physical structure and I would float off until I could see planet Earth from the perspective of space. I was 3 years old.

I have memories around the same time of staring up at a picture of the ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’ while attending mass with my family. My family was Roman Catholic and I found a spiritual home there. I was an altar server, Eucharistic Minister, taught Right of Catholic Initiation for Adults, and was the Spiritual Convenor for a national conference hosted by the Military arm of the Catholic Women’s League. I have led Taize prayer services, and I have run spiritual events for members of the congregation.

A search for the nugget of truth found in all religions led me on a 30 year quest. I was able to use discernment and choose which of the doctrines of the Catholic faith I would follow. Little did I know, I was about to have an experience which would change the way I practice my faith. It would also change my life. It happened in an instant.

I was giving out communion early one Sunday morning in 2003. As I said ‘Body of Christ’ to each person, I also prayed they would sense God within them. I sat down afterwards, and a bolt of energy came down through the top of my head and out through my feet. It continued to run in a column for the remainder of mass. (I can run this energy at will now.) It was the last time I went to church.

I subsequently experienced a Kundalini awakening where energy runs from the root to the crown chakra. (I can also run this energy at will.)

From my perspective, this is Conscious Awakening. To clear the conduit so we have a 2 way energetic flow. Energy runs from the Crown to the Earth beneath our feet and also runs from the Earth beneath our feet and up through the Crown. This is the healthiest way for spirit to have a material experience.

The journey to Conscious Awakening is long. In many cases, the things we held as truth will be questioned. Foundations will crack and our reality becomes unstable. This work is difficult and requires a guide. Guides are those who are further ahead in the journey than you are. They can be found in persons (such as myself), in books written by those who have had the experience, and by connecting with spiritual etheric guidance. Clearing the conduits of beliefs and actions which no longer serve us, is the stuff of legendary quests.

I believe God lives within each and every one of us. We are each an element of God having an earthly experience. We do not need another to serve as the go-between. How could that possibly work? How could someone else control the experience I have with myself?

I also believe in reincarnation. I have memories of previous lifetimes. Reincarnation is the only way this experience makes sense.

I have been told during an Akashic reading that I am a Sage Teacher. I walked the Earth with Jesus and also knew Buddha. These men were humans. They became enlightened while inhabiting this human suit we all wear. They serve as an example of what is possible for all of us.

If my experience resonates with you and you would like to expand your experience, I welcome you with open arms.  Love, Paula